Hml investments

Direct Hard Money Lenders from Los Angeles provides investors with competitive Rates and Fees. We fund in 3 days! We are Hard money lenders from Los Angeles California and we help real estate investors in los angeles CA and in northern California.

If you have a commercial deal with great equity and income outside of California, please let us know and we will help you.

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Hml investments

HML investments is a private money lender from Los Angeles California.
We lend Real Estate investors/flippers/Developers on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Purchasing, Refinancing, Construction loans, 1st Trust deeds, 2nd Trust deeds, FixNflip, bridge financing.

We lend up to $10 Million without checking credit, income and in most cases NO APPRAISAL NEEDED, funding can be done in just 3 days.

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The Lion's Group

This pandemic just might be the biggest opportunity for humanity to start looking at life a little bit different....Better!
It’s tough for us to digest this new reality we’re in but we have a choice to make and this is the bottom line... “it’s or we will stay negative about this situation or we just make the best of it!”👊👊👊
I think we are all due for a change, a positive change in our lives and this pandemic just pushes us to the corner so we must make a choice and make the choice right now.🤔
This is your time to shine so you better make the right decision for your life! Raz it up #pandemic #covid19 #coronavirus

🦁Hello Lions🦁
the truth is that we all have a lion’s hidden somewhere inside of us, some can find it in an early age and use that lion to start thinking, feeling and acting like the king of this jungle we call “life” and some just ignore the fact that they have the power to let this lions loose so they can live a powerful life.
I believe that we all need to find the Lion’s laying inside of us and set ourselves free!
#lionsheart #lion #power #art #myheart #success #Razitup

Direct hard money lenders in California. No credit, no income, no appraisal, fast funding. Call/text now 310-619-5557 #hardmoneylenderscalifornia #hardmoneylenderslosangeles

Are you a Hunter? #PrivateMoneyLender

“Private money Lender”. While most hard money lender are not Funding deals due to the pandemic- I’m funding deals every day.👊👊👊
Are you investing in real estate and want to leverage to own more real estate?☑️
1️⃣No credit
2️⃣No income
3️⃣No appraisal
🏠3 day Funding🏠
Call/Text me today 310-619-5557 #Razitup #hardmoneylender #realestateinvestor

The Lion's Group

Dream big! #Razitup

Flipping Vs Renting Properties: Good or Bad Deal? | Yanni Raz

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The Lion's Group

Creating success doesn’t depend only of the knowledge you have! #Razitup

The Lion's Group

🦁The Lion’s group🦁
Here is an opportunity that have create success to thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and it can work for you.
The Crisis the world is going through is an opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs like you, but without the right knowledge you won’t be able to use this opportunity to create success in your life.
📖Here is what i can teach you:📓
☑️How to get a solid Real Estate deal.
☑️How to get the $money$ to close deals so you won’t need your own money.
☑️How to build the right team so you’ll have freedom to enjoy life while creating success.
☑️How to recognize a real deal.
☑️Resources to understand the value and equity in deals.
☑️How to write an offer your self
☑️How to learn of the current market
☑️How to network with people
☑️How to write a plan
☑️How to work with private investors
☑️How to get money with no credit and no income.
☑️How to flip houses successfully.
☑️How to build Real Estate portfolio with no money.
📚 3 Books
“How to be a successful flipper” by Yanni Raz.
“How to be a successful Hard money Lender” by Yanni Raz
“Unstoppable” by Yanni Raz
And so much more...💵💵💵
For limited time these courses are being offered at a huge discount, it’s time to make a move.👊
“If for some reason you don’t find value in all these courses-I offer you money back guaranteed!”

The Lion's Group

🦁Real Estate investors listen up!🦁
This is not the right time to invest-not yet!
Don’t make mistakes and invest in the wrong deals you get from people in the industry.
Opportunities are coming your way in the next 6 months, so you must be patient and make sure you are ready with the right knowledge, connections, very little money only needed and the motivation to create success.

The U.S. Housing Market Could Be Crushed as Home Flipping Returns Opendoor decides to return to flipping homes at a time when the U.S. housing market is being dealt a heavy blow by COVID-19.

The Lion's Group

🦁Attention Real Estate investors🦁
These days you must wait and not invest your money, the market is unclear and unstable and every investment we make may be a very risky investment and we can lose our money.
Time for you to get the right knowledge and get ready for the right moment when you’ll invest and create some success! #Razitup

The Lion's Group

Keeping the Mamba Mentality Alive, Are you with me?
RAZ IT UP! #KobeBryant

The Lion's Group

You can now download the book "UNSTOPPABLE" for free. Look below and Raz It Up.

🦁Be a Lion and stay “Unstoppable🦁
To succeed in life you must be teachable and open to recognize opportunities.
The world keeps on sending us signals mostly through people around us, but we’re still having trouble connecting the dots and therefore we’re missing these opportunities all the time. 👊
We need to learn how to accept changes in our lives and always push ourselves to experience new adventures to create possibilities that hopefully will create success. 🤞
In order to live a powerful live we must take chances and step outside of our comfort zone. It might not sound easy for you but that’s the way it supposed to be, it’s ok to fear of the unknown, it’s ok to wonder if you’ll fail or succeed with all your ventures.

☑️ The one thing that will help you become successful and completely unstoppable is if you just got rid of all your fears and focus your mind on enjoying the journey to achieve success.
It’s not a rocket science and it’s actually very simple if you just learn the steps and always keep your self motivated, inspired and passionate about everything you do in life.
Download my Book “Unstoppable” FREE at no cost to you and start learning how 🦁The Lions Group🦁 can help you make a change in your life. Now let’s Raz It Up.

The Lion's Group

Cooking Fish and talking Business!

90% off on all my courses [Limited to 100] - Join the Lion's Group and learn how to close deals Link:

The Lion's Group

🦁important message to all the LIONS 🦁

The courses are now being offered for $197.

The past month we gave an opportunity for everyone to purchase the 25 courses for an extremely low rate of $79 due to the epidemic, while regular price for each course is $150.
we will still continue to offer all the 25 courses for an extremely discounted price to help everyone break in the real estate industry with the right knowledge, but the new price is $197.
The reason we’ve changed the price is because the hours our lions puts in to help all the new lions, marketing costs and regular operations they just don’t make any sense as a business and we are loosing money(not even close to break even).

As a Lion that always teach people how to create a profitable business i also make mistakes and this mistake did cost me a lot of money but I’m really happy for all those new lions that joined in at this ridiculous low rate(that was a great opportunity for many people who joined in).
I hope everyone here understands and see the value of the information I’m giving all the lions and the hours i put for everyone to create success in their lives.

If you see the value you will become a lion very soon and I’ll be looking forward working with you, but if you don’t then I don’t think this is for you my friend.

I’m looking to work with real entrepreneurs that understand clearly that the information the lions group offers can make you a lot of money in your career in real eatate and more then that...”it will save you a lot of money in mistakes you may make in the process”.
I hope you all understand... now let’s RAZITUP 🦁

The Lion's Group

It’s already obvious that we’re experiencing a change in our lives. In times like that the winners are entrepreneurs that invest in their education. If you have the right mentality and the knowledge you will know how to recognize opportunities and convert them to massive success. This opportunity may not come back again in our lifetime so you better be ready! #Razitup

The Lion's Group

You can still travel while in quarantine, destination anywhere... at home! 😂 #Razitup

The Ultimate Success Courses 90% off, CoronaVirus- Quarentine mode.

For the past couple of weeks I was busy writing, recording and organizing courses with tips of buying/selling and brokering real estate deals successfully.
"Knowledge is really the power to be successful with any kind of business but it specially make the difference when you are in the Real Estate industry". Since we are all in quarantine I put together a package of all my courses that normally are selling for just over $3000 for only $79. $$ HUGE VALUE $$ "IF YOU FEEL FOR SOME REASON THAT YOU DIDN'T GET ANY VALUE AFTER WATCHING THESE VIDEOS- MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!!" Coronavirus just got you a huge opportunity, Learn how to make big money buying/selling Real Estate in this crisis. Buy 25 courses, 3 Ebooks Value Over $3,000 for only $79.

The Lion's Group

Signing Escrow docs in the CoronaVirus times. How the world have changed... #Razitup #realestateinvestor #investmentproperties

Happy Passover to all the Jews out there. חג שמח לכל עם ישראל, תשמרו על עצמכם ונמשיך להיות העם הכי טוב שיש. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

The Lion's Group

🥂Quarantine FAMBAM Challenge🥂
Dress to impress and go to the best restaurant in town(your home) with your FAMILY. 🍹🍸🥃🥩🍱
Every day should be a FUN day in our lives, so let’s #RAZITUP 🥰🤩🥳
🦠Quarantine FAMBAM Challenge🦠

The Lion's Group

** It's unbelievable! **
I've received so many messages from people interested to learn and educate themselves so I've decided to set up a bundle for you all my online courses in 49$ only! [Regular price 500$] - for the first 100 Buyers only, take it before it's gone.

Link here:

In this Live I've explained all about how to use the current COVID-19 Situation and turn it into success and generate income from it.

The Lion's Group

“TOMORROW, 12pm” tune in!

This upcoming Wednesday 12pm pacific time “LIVE” In “The Lions Group” page only.
I will talk about making serious money in a down market. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity & you better be ready!
Click "Send Message" below the video to get notified when the LIVE is up!

The Lion's Group

This upcoming Wednesday 12pm pacific time “LIVE” In “The Lions Group” page only.
I will talk about making serious money in a down market. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity & you better be ready!
Click "Send Message" below the video to get notified when the LIVE is up!

[03/25/20]   🦠Did you know that you don’t have to make any mortgage payments for the next 90 days🦠 if you have a mortgage, contact your lender!
These are easy steps that you’ll have to go through to get a 90 day hold on your mortgage payments, you won’t have any problems with your credit and you won’t be in default(please confirm this information with your lender, but I did it and it worked). FYI they won’t just eliminate your payments completely, you will have to pay it back after 90 days!
Share this is everyone know and connect with their lenders today! #NoMortgagePayments

The Lion's Group

🦁🏀Applying the Mamba Mentality in your life🏀🦁
Be creative, be fearless, be courageous, be unstoppable and “BE A WINNER”.
Now that we are stuck at home because of the Corona 🦠 Virus situation, I’ll let you all download the Ebook “UNSTOPPABLE” so you can apply and create your own Mamba Mentality and become a true winner in your life. Download it here 100% free!

My new office is finally ready!
Sometimes when we are being challenged in life, we are really just being forced to think outside of the box and become much more creative then we normally get.
The corona Virus made me think 10 steps ahead, thoughts such as: people will get hurt and some will die, people will loose their job, no one will be able to pay rent/mortgage, the economy will get into a recession, stocks will drop, real estate will drop, etc...basically 2008 but so much worse, so i get ready for the worse of all.
The first change was to get a new office which eventually turned out to be a decision i should of make long time ago.
This is just one out of many, stay tuned for upcoming videos with information of how to survive a down market and switch it to a massive opportunity that will change your life forever. #Razitup

Read this and be safe. You must read and share it!!!! #ProtectYourSelf

OMG 😱 Interst rates just got unbelievably LOW. You must refinance your house today, no joke!!! Contact me now so i can lock up a rate for you. OMG 😱 310-619-5557

The Lion's Group

We are in the middle of a storm these days
How can we create opprotunities out of it?
Mortgage rates are so low OMG...#Razitup
Check if you're quallified today:

The Lion's Group

Closing real estate deals with the one and only #Kobebryant #MambaMentality #Razitup

The Lion's Group

Try to keep it healthy, even though this fish was fried it’s so much better then a steak because fish keeps you light, energetic and focused. #Razitup

The Lion's Group

What is the 🏀Mamba mentality all about?🏀 #Razitup #mambamentality Instagram: @RAZITUP

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up to 10,000,000$ For Real Estate Investors / Developers
Convert your struggle to massive success with those 10 tips




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