David Sarnoff - Mortgage Banker at Pacific Southwest Realty Services

I am a commercial mortgage banker who brokers to all open market sources of capital in addition to representing a comprehensive roster of top correspondent insurance company lenders.

For more information visit www.psrs.com Commercial Mortgage Banker at Pacific Southwest Realty Services

Operating as usual

I'm very thankful to have closed this portfolio with one of our non-agency banking relationships. The refinance allowed the longtime owner to maximize their cash out and release trapped equity for other investments. Lender was chosen for their ability to maximize leverage without requiring any COVID or repair reserves.
#PSRS #CREFinance #ApartmentLending #CashOut

Had a blast working with dear friends to close this $6 MM cash-out refinance with one of our bank lenders. The 10 year loan is non-recourse with full-term interest-only, no reserves. and a sub-3% interest rate that was inside of where we quoted it. #PSRS #overdeliver #CREFinance

Check out my article about The Value of Correspondent Lending in a Crisis that was featured in the latest edition of California Mortgage Finance News. ow.ly/mYwn50Bmpi9 #CREFinance #PSRS @californiamortgagebankers

It's true, credit boxes have shrunken and commercial real estate financing has become harder to obtain, but there is still sub 3% for the right deals, and now more than ever is the time to rely on a strong mortgage banker to find you the source of capital that aligns with your needs and objectives. PSRS is a proud member of the SAM Alliance which gives us access to real time data and local market intel nationwide. That allows me to unlock market efficiencies that can save you real money. #CREFinance #MortgageBanking #Teamwork #PSRS http://ow.ly/bj3p50Aut81


CoStar News - Congress Pushes for CMBS Borrower Relief

#CMBS can be a terrific source of competitive non-recourse capital, but these loans come with very specific rules. During difficult times, lender relationships are forged and tested. #LifeCo's, and particularly those with strong correspondent networks like ours, are relationship driven and have the ability to work with their borrowers if it makes sense. Hopefully Congress will be able to come up with an elegant solution to assist the owners and lenders who may be handcuffed by the structure of their loan agreements. #CREFinance #PSRS #BorrowerRelief http://ow.ly/K8sZ50AhVmn?

product.costar.com A group of 105 bipartisan members of the House of Representatives has petitioned the Treasury and Federal Reserve to provide more regulatory relief to borrowers in the commercial mortgage-backed securities market.


The Fed says it is going to start buying individual corporate bonds

Will be interesting to see what effect this has on #LifeCo pricing as corporate bonds have had a greater impact on floor rates than treasuries have as of late. #CRE #Finance #PSRS #Loans http://ow.ly/dnQQ50A8lmp

cnbc.com Those purchases will go along with the ETFs the Fed already has been buying, the central bank announced Monday.


Senate Suspends Bill Allowing Commercial Property Tenants to Walk Away from Leases

Good news for CA property owners, at least for now.... During these dynamic times, please know that you can count on me if you have questions about the capital markets and/or the events and regulations that are driving them. I am here to help. #PSRS #CREFinance #SB939

connect.media California SB 939 was put on the Senate Appropriations “suspense” file on Tuesday. Opponents are urging the Senate Appropriations Committee to hold the bill on suspense when it comes up again for a vote on June 18/19, and keep it there indefinitely. Opponents of the bill say that instead of help...

http://ow.ly/rFzV50A0aZ8 Lot's of new and unnecessary legislation affecting property owners is being considered in CA. Now is a critical time to stay engaged and make sure your voice is heard. #CREFinance #SB939

David Sarnoff - Mortgage Banker at Pacific Southwest Realty Services


Tell Your CA State Senators – Oppose SB 939!

action.mba.org Tell Your CA State Senators – Oppose SB 939! MAA Members in California, Your timely action is needed to oppose Senate Bill (SB) 939, which would enable commercial tenants to unilaterally terminate leases, release any third-party guarantees, and limit to three months the tenant’s liability for ...

Tell the CA Assembly: Oppose AB 2501

action.mba.org Tell the CA Assembly: Oppose AB 2501 MAA members in California, Your urgent help is needed now to halt legislation that would enact sweeping new forbearance standards that conflict and diverge from existing federal standards for residential and multifamily mortgages. The bill, AB 2501, authored by t...

Having a game plan and understanding what the market is doing are key to navigating difficult loan situations. The strength of PSRS's five offices is multiplied by its membership in the SAM Alliance, a national network of independent mortgage bankers that shares real time regional and market information. If you want to hear what's going on with lenders, or need objective thoughts on your particular situation, I'm here to help. #PSRS #SAMAlliance #CREFinance #Mortgages #Loans #HereToHelp

CFPB Issues Final Rule Raising HMDA Data Reporting Thresholds - Great news for #multifamily borrowers! This regulatory relief will allow #lifecos, who are some of the best lenders in today's market, to return to apartment lending in a more meaningful way. PSRS has exclusive access to one of the deepest rosters of correspondent insurance company lenders in the business. Send me your apartment deals now to get a fresh look from lenders you may not have been exposed to in the past. #PSRS #CorrespondentLending #CREFinance #Apartments #Mortgages #MortgageBanking #HMDA http://ow.ly/fmSb50zgrQt

David Sarnoff - Mortgage Banker at Pacific Southwest Realty Services's cover photo

http://ow.ly/whc650zbp0G - Some welcome time pressure relief for exchange buyers. If you need to replace debt, now is when your mortgage banker's ability to deliver certainty of execution is invaluable. PSRS enjoys deep longstanding relationships with its lending partners that allow us to do just that. #CRE #Finance #Mortgages #1031 #Exchange #PSRS


Top Takeaways from GlobeSt Apartments 2019 - Barry Slatt Mortgage

http://ow.ly/Bkxv50x1AkF #CREFinance #Multifamily #Slatt

slatt.com The Barry Slatt Mortgage team was an exhibitor at the GlobeSt Apartments 2019 conference earlier this week. The following were our top takeaways. The multi-family sector is and will continue to be the favorite product type or real estate investors heading...


What’s up with AB1482? Is it good for me? Is it good for you? - Barry Slatt Mortgage


slatt.com On October 8th, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1482 (AB1482) into law as part of on-going efforts to combat housing challenges facing Californian renters and lawmakers. For decades this issue has been fiercely debated and thrust into...


The Relationship Between the China “Trade War” with the United States and the 10-Year U.S. Treasury Rate - Barry Slatt Mortgage


slatt.com Over the past year, there has been a volatile relationship between the ongoing “trade war” with China and the financial markets in the United States. It is a consistent trend that when trade war rhetoric heats up the stock market...


Retail Market Update - Barry Slatt Mortgage


slatt.com As a company deeply rooted in financing retail properties, we are currently finding continued scrutiny towards the financing of retail properties in the marketplace. Daniel Friedeberg, CEO at Barry Slatt Mortgage, recently discussed this topic with Michael Kaplan, President, at...


How LA became the land of strip malls

And for today's interesting LA Real Estate history lesson....
http://ow.ly/RXgY50wBaBl #CRE #CREHistory #CREFinance #Retail #Slatt

la.curbed.com For better or worse, the corner strip mall survives and thrives.


Trump keeps pushing ‘negative' interest rates. What would that mean for your wallet?

The idea of negative interest rates has always been an interesting hypothetical, but now is increasingly a reality globally. Here's a look at what that might look like at home if the president were to get his way. #interestrates #cre #finance #slatt http://ow.ly/CwKK50wyAYA

nbcnews.com While no one expects rates to drop to zero or turn negative any time soon, President Trump and some of the giants of consumer finance have opened a door that was long assumed to be locked. It’s worth peering through.


Biggest Banks Are Less Likely to Wreck the Economy Than a Decade Ago


bloomberg.com After a decade of being regulators’ favorite target, the world’s biggest banks now pose less of a risk to the economy than before the financial crisis, according to the Bank for International Settlements.


The 10 trends that will shape real estate in 2020

http://ow.ly/Qgf450whPfU #CRE #CREFinance

curbed.com The Urban Land Institute’s annual look at the year ahead finds some direction within a fog of uncertainty.


Market Update Q3 2019 - Barry Slatt Mortgage

http://ow.ly/2WNF50wi6KV #CREFinance #InterestRates #Slatt

slatt.com Barry Slatt Mortgage Company has identified the following 3rd quarter 2019 market trends: Interest rates for long-term fixed-rate loans have decreased substantially since the end of 2018 when the 10 Year Treasury (US10Y) peaked at 3.25%. Interest rates for benchmark...


Bernie Sanders says ‘housing must be a right’ with $2.5 trillion plan

#Bernie #Housing #Multifamily #GSEs #2020 #CRE ://www.curbed.com/2019/9/16/20867424/democratic-debate-bernie-sanders-affordable-housing-plan

curbed.com The proposal Includes national rent control, community land trust, and housing assistance as an entitlement.


Trump’s housing-finance plan aims to curb GSE lending in areas with rent control

With California set to adopt statewide rent control measures in 2020, it looks like we could be headed for a showdown... http://ow.ly/XtsL50wdZe4 #Fannie #Freddie #RentControl #CREFinance #Slatt

housingwire.com Buckle your seatbelts, California. You may be in for another showdown with the Trump administration. One of the proposals buried in Treasury’s housing-finance plan was: curbing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily lending in areas that adopt rent control. “The lesson I've had through observing...


Fed Cuts Interest Rates by Another Quarter Point


nytimes.com The Federal Reserve cut rates for the second time since July as risks to the economic outlook mounted.


A 2.00% 10 Year Treasury? | Industry News | Pensford

A very smart and concise look at last week's treasury volatility and where we might go form here, from the good people at #Pensford. http://ow.ly/G5lO50wbQF3 #InterestRates #CRE #Loans #Slatt

pensford.com The 10 Year Treasury had one of its biggest weekly spikes in history, barring a shocking number one way or the other, it seems unlikely the 10T will move dramatically.


FHFA Revises Multifamily Loan Caps for the GSEs | GlobeSt

More than ever, it is important to work with a group that understands all of the nuances of GSE lending, and #Slatt can help. Ask me about the advantages of executing through our correspondency with PGIM Real Estate Finance. #Fannie #Freddie #CRE #Loans http://ow.ly/ZxLq50wbMo8

globest.com Going forward loans that finance energy and water efficiency improvements will be considered conventional business, unless they meet affordability requirements.


California Assembly passes statewide rent control bill—governor will sign

Bill would not apply to buildings that opened within the past 15 years #multifamily #realestate https://la.curbed.com/2019/9/10/20857225/california-rent-control-bill-1482-approved

la.curbed.com The bill will cap rent hikes at 5 percent, plus inflation.


JPMorgan Creates ‘Volfefe’ Index to Track Trump Tweet Impact

😂😂😂 #volfefe http://ow.ly/1G5S50w4IWU #interestrates #crefinance #creloans #covfefe

bloomberg.com Two of the largest Wall Street banks are trying to measure the market impact of Donald Trump’s tweets.


22nd Annual Western States CREF - Barry Slatt Mortgage


slatt.com The following are Barry Slatt Mortgage Company’s primary takeaways from this week’s California Mortgage Bankers Association Western States Commercial Real Estate Finance (CREF) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The general mood across the majority of participants at this year’s event...


Interest Rate Update - August - Barry Slatt Mortgage

https://www.slatt.com/interest-rate-update-august/ #loans #interestrates #crefinance #realestate #creloans

slatt.com 2019 has been a rollercoaster for the 10-year benchmark US Treasury (US10Y), however, the rate has dropped in greater increments then it has recovered. Any stabilization and or recoveries in the US10Y rate in 2019 have been brief. Closing today...


Fed’s Regional Presidents Lining Up Against Additional Rate Cuts

http://ow.ly/eLh650vHdHq #interestrates #loans #cre #crefinance #monetarypolicy #creloans

bloomberg.com economics Fed’s Regional Presidents Lining Up Against Additional Rate Cuts By Matthew Boesler and Christopher Condon Updated on Fed’s Regional Presidents Lining Up Against Additional Rate Cuts By Matthew Boesler and Christopher Condon , KC Fed chief George says ‘it’s not time yet’ for more...


What the Inverted Yield Curve Means for CRE

In this kind of a market where rates are low, asset prices have yet to adjust, and lending standards are starting to tighten, it is important to work with a mortgage banker that has realtime market data to help you maximize this opportunity to lock in low rate financing.
#creloans #crefinance #slatt #interestrates http://ow.ly/5aEb50vDsaU

cpexecutive.com Recession fears loom with investors piling into long-term government bonds, but the implications for commercial property are a mixed bag.

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