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Connecting. Guiding. Building. Creating Your Future One Point At A Time.

Connecting. Guiding. Building. Creating Your Future One Point At A Time.

8 Business Books Entrepreneurs Must Read to Dominate Their Industry Whether you're a rising executive or someone just starting out, these great books can help you reach your goal.

Bad Credit Scores a Big Turn-Off, Study Says

#StartUps #SmallBiz #Credit #Finance #Love It might not be the first thing that catches your eye, but nearly half of Americans (42%) say that someone’s credit score can impact the decision on whether or not to pursue dating them, according to a new study.

7 Things to Do Before Applying for a Mortgage -- The Motley Fool Before sending in that application, you want to be properly prepared.

7 Items You NEVER Want on Your Credit Report It's easy to make mistakes when it comes to your credit. Some mistakes are so detrimental; you'd never want them to appear on your credit report because it hurts your credit score and your chances of …

Top 10 Features of a Profitable Rental Property Looking to purchase a rental property? These are the factors that should be considered for income-producing real estate.

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#StartUps #SmallBiz

5 things I wish someone had told me about money right out of college Coming out of college, you have a lot of energy and ambition …But zero clarity.Where do you start with money?How do you handle the debt you’ve built up?What do you invest in and how?There are lots of questions, and it’s overwhelming.I know the feeling all too well. Coming out of college, I was $81,0...

Should You Own Your Home Free and Clear? It wasn’t long ago when one of the best benefits of owning your own home were those home equity lines of credit you could get.In practice, this translated to a whole lot of fun for a whole lot of …

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have? Having a credit card is almost essential in today's economy, but having more than one card isn't nearly as important. In considering how many cards you should have, you'll want to consider a range of factors, including your ability to pay off your debt, manage your card accounts, build up a strong c...

What are the Five C's of Credit? The five C’s of credit are what banks and other lenders evaluate about a potential borrower when making a lending decision. The five C’s are Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions.

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#StartUps #SmallBiz

How to find the best personal loan without damaging your credit rating If you apply to lenders that use ‘hard’ credit checks you could be left with a mark on your credit file and miss out on lower ratesUnderhand tactics by leading personal loan providers are costing Britons hundreds of millions of pounds a year, it was claimed this week. A report says many banks and ot...

Top Financial Considerations When Changing Jobs | Investopedia These are the top financial considerations when facing a job transition.

Why We Use Branding To Pull, Instead Of Sales To Push

#StartUp #SmallBiz With finite resources, I find the best investment is in developing a pull strategy instead of constantly pushing out with sales. I share the difference and illustrate the point with a story I think we can all relate to.

Tips that pay off: 3 habits of rich people that will make you wealthier With tax season (mostly) behind us, now is the time to adopt habits that will help boost you to a new bracket next year. What better way to learn than by learning from the rich?1. Here are "cheap" …

The secret to saving money and time — and preventing frustration Have you ever found yourself in a "money maze"? Perhaps you've just discovered you've been overpaying for cable — or medical care — or maybe your cell phone service provider or airline is mistreating …

The ultimate guide to becoming financially stable April is National Financial Literacy Month. Why do we dedicate this calendar page to highlighting financial skills and education? The tax deadline? Sound financial decisions are important all year …

First-Time Home Buyers Who Did It on Their Own Buying an apartment is a daunting task, particularly in a city like New York where even a shoe box can cost an eye-popping sum. Yet somehow, ordinary New Yorkers still manage to buy their own sliver of the city.And while many buyers are helped along by a trust fund or a timely inheritance, others pu...

Podcast #297: Making Your Kid a Money Genius Do you have a not-so-rosy financial history and are worried that you’re going to pass on your bad money habits to your kids? My guest today says you needn’t worry. With a bit of thought and some self-education, you can clean up your own money problems while simultaneously teaching your children how…

Why women have better credit than men According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women earned 81.1 cents for every dollar that men earned in the fourth quarter of 2016. While men may have a wage advantage, a 2016 survey from Experian …

10 Credit Tips From Someone With a Perfect Credit Score Follow these suggestions if you want an 850 FICO score.It's the Holy Grail of all credit scores: 850. On the widely used FICO credit score scale, approximately one in every 200 people achieves …

Who or what is Dow Jones? Dow Jones is one of the largest business and financial news companies in the world. It owns owns the Dow Jones Industrial Average which represents different sectors of the economy.

What Happens When Women Fail to Plan Financially Obviously no one can predict when a life event will occur: divorce, death of a spouse, forced retirement, or job loss. But being prepared financially for whatever happens can be one less trauma to …

Loan searches on the internet may 'affect credit rating' Individuals have been urged to take care over the effect on their credit rating when searching for loans.High Street bank TSB said some loan providers make a "hard mark" on credit files when someone asks for a loan price or quote.Personalised pricing means that, in effect, these people are seen to b...

[04/21/17]   Need to fix your credit? Need to get approved for a mortgage loan? Is your credit score 550 or better? Call now!

8 Tax-Deductible Ways to Make Your Home Office Great The 9-to-5 office job may be on its last legs. Cause of death? Flexible hours, the gig economy and the rise of working from home. About 24 percent of employed people did some or all of their work at …

7 shocking ways you could be hurting your credit score Most are aware of the financial benefits associated with maintaining good credit, but few are aware of these little known ways that you could be accidentally hurting your credit score.Your credit …

3 Credit Card Debt Tips You Should Know Americans certainly aren't afraid of taking on debt. Mortgage debt, student loan debt, you name it -- if it's offered up, we'll sign on the dotted line. But there's a difference between good debt, such as the aforementioned varieties, and credit card debt. And when it comes to the latter, Americans…

Are you telling yourself any of these 4 money lies? This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.If you’re like many people, you tell yourself little money lies without even realizing it. These lies might justify spending or a lack of savings, or help you avoid dealing with money altogether. Regardless of the reason, they disconnect you fr...

Financial literacy: For kids, adding dollars and sense Noor Rashid might be at least four years away from getting a driver’s licence, but she is already running the numbers in her head for future car purchases.“You have to figure out the gas prices, maintenance, the insurance – and all the factors that come into account,” Noor said on Tuesday after she…

7 Items You NEVER Want on Your Credit Report It's easy to make mistakes when it comes to your credit. Some mistakes are so detrimental; you'd never want them to appear on your credit report because it hurts your credit score and your chances of …


6 Credit Score Myths You May Be Falling For Your credit scores are important indicators of your financial health, so it pays to know how they work.Your credit history is a reflection of your ability to manage money and borrow responsibly over …

8 Credit Score Facts That May Surprise You These little-known facts might be a real eye-opener.Your credit score can impact your finances in more ways than you might realize. For example, did you know that having poor credit might impede your …

The 28/36 Rule: How It Affects Your Mortgage Approval Here's how the 28/36 rule affects your ability to get a mortgage to buy a home, plus some tricks for getting the biggest mortgage you can afford.Want to buy a home? If so, you should know the golden …

A financial adviser explains 4 critical habits you should adopt if you want to be financially successful It's not surprising that saving money and getting on track financially are some of the most popular resolutions people make each year.Regardless of your current situation in life, most people want to work towards greater financial success so they can feel confident about their future.If this is the…

1 in 3 Americans Don’t Know These Basic Finance Terms Despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the U.S. does not impress when it comes to basic knowledge of personal finance. Several studies have concluded that the average American …

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