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Our Approach Are you looking for ways to reach your financial goals in today's volatile market? Whether you’re saving for retirement, college for your kids or other needs, you may be unsure about what to do next or whether you can do anything at all. That's where we can help. We'll take the time to listen to you and understand your goals and dreams. We'll help you build a plan to get back on track toward reaching them. Working together, we will work to find investing opportunities in today’s uncertain market that are aligned with your financial goals. Together, we can bring your dreams more within reach. Areas of Focus: Retirement Planning Strategies, Wealth Preservation Strategies, Small Business, Saving for Education , Tax Planning Strategies, Retirement Income Strategies and Estate Planning Strategies. Working Together Meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor is an important first step. It's an opportunity to get to know an advisor and share your goals and dreams. You're under no obligation; your initial meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor will be relaxed and informal. Your meeting will include a review of your existing financial situation and potential opportunities, gaps or general strategies. While you won't receive a comprehensive review or financial planning services for which fees are charged, you should expect to get a sense of what it might be like to work together. What to expect Professional help in clarifying your financial goals and priorities. If you decide to purchase a financial planning service, you will receive sound financial advice at a fair price, tailored to your investment objectives. Accurate information about our tailored solutions, including risks, benefits and costs What to bring: 1. A list of any questions you have regarding your current financial situation. 2. Any account statements, budget information or other areas of your financial life that you feel deserve immediate attention. 3. A list of future dreams and financial goals you would like to achieve, including both short- and long-term goals. Jonathan Kuttin, Private Wealth Advisor Experience Awards & Recognition: Barron's America's Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) Barron's Top 1,000 Financial Advisors - , 2009, 2011-2013, Ameriprise Hall of Fame , 2011 Ameriprise Circle of Success, 1995-2013 Ameriprise Chairman's Advisory Council, 2002- 2013 Ameriprise Diamond Ring Club, 2006-2013 Ameriprise Premier Franchise Consultant, 2011-2013 Qualifications CRPC® Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM AAMS® Accredited Asset Management SpecialistSM CMFC® Chartered Mutual Fund CounselorSM AWMA® Accredited Wealth Management Advisor CRPS® Chartered Retirement Planning Specialist CAS ® Certified Annuity Specialist Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. is a broker-dealer and member of FINRA. Comments and "likes" should not be considered representative of client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. While I appreciate the support of my clients, I cannot accept Recommendations or Endorsements due to Investment Advisers Act of 1940 rules which prohibit me from publishing a testimonial of any kind concerning the investment advice, analysis, reporting or other services I provide. For your privacy, please don’t post account or service-related information on this page. Instead, contact me directly. Please visit www.ameriprise.com/social for more important disclosures and information.” CA Insurance License #0G22360


Is Recent Economic Data as Good as it Seems? | Ameriprise Newsroom

Estimates of the first quarter U.S. GDP growth exceeded expectations. But the details were not quite as encouraging as headlines would suggest.

newsroom.ameriprise.com Strength from inventory rebuilding and trade improvement contributed to the Q1 growth rate, while both personal consumption and business investment slowed.

Ameriprise Research: Although the S&P 500 is near an all-time high, the average stock in the Index is still 12.3% away from its 52-week top, suggesting room for equity prices to rise if the environment continues to improve.

What are you doing to protect our planet today?


5 reasons seniors should consider getting a pet

Owning a pet can get even better with age. A new poll suggests that retirees in particular can benefit from an animal companion.

marketwatch.com The National Poll on Healthy Aging finds that pets fetch health benefits for older adults — but there’s some risks, too.


Earnings and Economic Data Become Increasingly Influential | Ameriprise Newsroom

While earnings had investors feeling optimistic last week, the celebratory mood may be premature, according to Ameriprise chief market strategist David Joy.

newsroom.ameriprise.com Stocks rose for the second straight week to begin the second quarter, although the gains were more muted.

[04/15/19]   Today is the deadline to file your 2018 tax return. If you expect a refund, let’s talk about how you can put it to work toward achieving your goals.

Teaching your kids how to manage money can help them establish good financial habits to last a lifetime. #TeachYourChildrentoSave

Ameriprise Research: Market indices across asset classes posted strong returns to end Q1, regaining much of the ground lost in Q4 2018. We believe U.S. equity markets offer attractive opportunities over the next 6-12 months but stress that diversification and balance remain key.

[04/10/19]   Families who openly discuss financial topics like estate planning feel more confident, according to the Family Wealth Checkup study from Ameriprise (https://bit.ly/2TOrNmP). Celebrate #NationalSiblingsDay by reaching out to your family members to start the conversation.


Economic News is Constructive, but Not Conclusive | Ameriprise Newsroom

Stocks surged higher last week on evidence of stabilizing global growth and little evidence of inflationary pressures.

newsroom.ameriprise.com The second quarter started out the same as the first, with markets on the rise in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

[04/08/19]   Let’s take a fresh look at your retirement plan. We’ll discuss your goals and needs and help plan the steps you can take to achieve them. #NationalRetirementPlanningWeek


Americans are more confident about saving for retirement, CNBC survey finds. But worries remain

Putting a plan in place could go a long way toward having financial peace of mind – and helping you reach your goals.

cnbc.com Despite more confidence among retirement savers, their ability to put away enough ranks as the top personal finance concern, a CNBC survey finds.


Will the Second Quarter Provide an Inflection Point for Markets? | Ameriprise Newsroom

The first quarter of 2019 was the best for the S&P 500 index since the third quarter of 2009, when the economy was first coming out of recession.

newsroom.ameriprise.com The S&P 500 rose 1.2 percent last week as stocks ended the first quarter on a strong note.


These 'super savers' are retiring earlier than most. Here's what they're doing differently

Learn about uncommon money hacks super savers are using to reach their goals of retiring early.

cnbc.com Some Americans ages 45 and up are managing to save $1 out of every $5 — and retiring earlier. Here's what they're doing differently from the average investor.


3 tips to help you maximize your Social Security benefit amount

It can pay — literally — to know the Social Security rules.

ameriprise.com Social Security rules can be complex and confusing. Make sure you know the benefits you’re entitled to receive.

Ameriprise Research: The yield curve inverted, now what? Inversions can indicate trouble ahead, but not every inversion is followed by a recession. There are risks to consider, but we believe investors should take a cautious yet optimistic view of unfolding conditions.


Investors Spooked by Global Growth Concerns | Ameriprise Newsroom

Outlooks remain optimistic despite renewed concerns of slowing global growth. Our chief strategist David Joy explains.

newsroom.ameriprise.com A report of weaker than expected manufacturing activity within the Eurozone, especially in Germany, sent European markets downward.


Market Update

Asset prices rose significantly to start the year. Take a look at what could keep prospects bright.

ameripriseadvisors.com The current economic expansion is the second longest in history, but will this bull market last another year?


How to Invest When You Retire Abroad

Many older Americans are seeking lower costs, better weather and adventure in retirement. Learn what you need to know about managing your finances if you plan on retiring outside the U.S.

money.usnews.com Carefully weigh the move to expatriate status, with special attention to banking and investments.

Spring is a time of renewal, growth and possibilities — an ideal time to take a fresh look at your financial goals and how to achieve them. Let’s set up time to meet.


7 ways to make next year's taxes less painful than this year's

Saving more for retirement in a tax-deferred account can help lower your tax bill. Talk with your tax advisor and then let’s discuss how this might work for you.

businessinsider.com You might ask yourself,"What can I deduct on my taxes?" You have a lot of options, and now is the time to lower your tax bill next year.

Want to sweeten your financial life? Let’s talk about how to prioritize all the pieces of the pie to achieve your goals. #piday


Investors Wait for Clarity on the Global Economic Outlook | Ameriprise Newsroom

Speculation about the latest global economic data has some investors concerned. Will it influence U.S. economic growth? Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy weighs in.

newsroom.ameriprise.com A lower growth target in China was followed by a sharp downgrade of growth expectations in the Eurozone by the European Central Bank.


Money and relationships: Discuss spending habits

What are the secrets of couples who are financially in sync?

Sharing details on spending habits and large purchases with your partner can help you maintain an open and healthy financial dialogue. Watch now for guidance...

Spring forward! Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 10. Remember to set your clocks forward one hour.


Tax portfolio diversification tips

Strategically distributing your assets among three tax categories can help you keep more money in your pocket.

ameripriseadvisors.com Diversifying your portfolio between tax-free, deferred-tax, and taxable accounts can pay off in the long run. Learn about tax strategies for retirement planning.


Will Your Kids Be Able to Retire?

Parents have been predicting doom and gloom for the next generation for decades, but so far it hasn’t happened. Young people have several options to consider when saving for retirement.

money.usnews.com Here's why your children will survive in retirement.


The biggest financial mistake women make? Not investing enough.

Even though challenges like the wage gap persist, women are more likely to seek out financial advice and invest for the long term.

usatoday.com Women are much less likely than men to invest their savings — and miss out on significant wealth as a result. Here's how to narrow the gap.


5 habits of successful investors

The top financial habit among affluent investors? They begin saving early, according to Ameriprise research. It's never too late to consider how to grow your savings - let's talk.

ameriprise.com Learn how high-net-worth individuals build wealth and as a result, boost your own financial confidence.


On a Marie Kondo kick? Here's how to tackle your financial paperwork

Holding onto what brings you joy and letting go of the rest can also apply to your paperwork. Here's a guide to determine what to keep and what to toss.

cnbc.com Tidying up isn't just for closets and junk drawers. Financial advisors recommend purging old financial documents and records, too.


Interest Rates Have Been Rising. Are Investors Ready?

Fifty-eight percent of investors expressed some level of concern about rising interest rates in a recent Ameriprise survey. Here are some tips to help protect your portfolio in the changing environment.

kiplinger.com There are several steps people might want to consider taking right about now. Here's how to evaluate your own investment, saving and debt situation and prepare for the changes ahead.

By envisioning your retirement lifestyle and writing down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them. Let’s talk about how you can achieve your goals, today and tomorrow.

Ameriprise Research: Evidence that trying to time the market can be futile and a tactical approach that includes exposure to both cyclical AND defensive sectors of the economy can provide a winning long-term solution. 3 worst-performing sectors for Q4 ’18 are now top 3 YTD.


'I Knew It Wouldn't Last Long.' What These Former Pro Athletes Can Teach Us About Preparing for Retirement

Avoiding financial duress in retirement is something most people can relate to.

money.com The same principles apply, whether you're running for a first down or climbing the corporate ladder.

Does your financial plan factor in unexpected expenses?


2018 IRA tax-saving strategies

Let’s talk with your tax professional soon to determine whether a traditional or Roth IRA could provide you with tax benefits and help you achieve your goals.

ameripriseadvisors.com Help lower your 2018 tax bill and boost your retirement savings by contributing to an IRA. Check out our last minute tax tips for both traditional and Roth IRAs.

Given the choice, the vast majority would rather remain in their homes for the rest of their lives. Learn what it takes to be able to age in place.


Investors Feeling Optimistic as Trade Negotiations Continue | Ameriprise Newsroom

U.S. equities rose for the fourth straight week and for the eighth time in the past nine weeks since the pre-Christmas low.

newsroom.ameriprise.com 02/25/2019 David Joy U.S. equities rose for the fourth straight week and for the eighth time in the past nine weeks since the pre-Christmas low. The S&P 500 is now higher on the year by 11.4 percent and sits just 5 percent below its September 20 record high. Rising optimism regarding a trade deal be...


Prevent tax return anxiety by following these steps

Have you filed your taxes yet? This year, you may want to file earlier than the deadline.

cnbc.com This will be your first time filing under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a revamp of the tax code that went into effect in 2018.

Pets can improve our well-being, according to the Centers for Disease Control. During National Love Your Pet Day today, how will you pamper your pet?


2019 global economic issues

Geopolitical and other events can influence investor sentiment and appetite for risk – and consequently, the capital markets.

ameripriseadvisors.com Read our perspective on how Brexit, the China trade war, and other current international economic issues might affect the U.S. market in 2019.


The Estate Planning Gift To Give Your Millennial Children In 2019

Sixty-seven percent of people over age 50 want to use their wealth to invest in their children or grandchildren. One option to consider is helping preserve their legacy through an estate planning gift.

forbes.com One thing driving Boomers crazy is their children’s estate planning – or lack thereof. What can they do to ensure their children do the right thing when it comes to estate planning? Make a gift of estate planning.

[02/17/19]   Turning 65? Applying for Medicare is an important financial milestone. Your application window begins three months before the month you turn 65, includes the month you turn 65 and ends three months after the month you turn 65.


Be Brilliant | Ameriprise Financial Commercial | “Familiar Face”

You are unique, and so are your goals. That’s why we take the time to understand what’s important to you and offer personalized advice tailored to you. Let’s talk about how we can help you feel more financially confident by preparing for the expected and unexpected.

If your financial advisor saw you on the street, would they recognize you? Developing a relationship with an advisor who knows you and understands what’s imp...

Ameriprise Research: We believe existing home sales are likely to be flat to slightly higher in 2019 as potential transactions are constrained by availability. Prices, however, should continue to see healthy gains; we forecast median prices to rise by approx. 3 to 6%, nationally.

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