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Please support HB372, to help reduce our auto insurance rates, which are among the highest in the country!
We need tort reform!

PIA Call to Action: SUPPORT HB372 Re Auto Insurance Reduction and Tort Reform IN COMMITTEE MONDAY 04/15/19

HB372, the Omnibus Premium Reduction Act of 2019 by Rep. Talbot, will be heard Monday, April 15 in House Civil Law and Procedure Committee. This bill, supported by PIA, is designed to encourage lower auto insurance premiums in Louisiana. Please contact your elected officials to request their support of HB372 by visiting our Action Center on the PIA of Louisiana website.

As you are all very aware, the auto insurance market in Louisiana is in a state of crisis. We currently have the second highest rates in the nation, and businesses are leaving the state or going out of business entirely, because they can’t afford insurance for their commercial trucks.

The PIA of Louisiana has been hard at work to address this growing problem, and in fact has been working hard on the problem for a number of years.

This year may be the year where we as insurance professionals and as citizens can make a difference and affect change. The PIA has a seat at the table on the Auto Insurance Task Force and its voice has been heard loud and clear. Now is the time to act.

However, we need help from you our member agents, our associates members, AND YOUR CLIENTS.

You will be soon receiving a supply of LFEI Auto Insurance Push Cards which outline many of the issues that have been identified as the root cause of the problem. Please circulate these to your clients. Since there will be more than 1,000,000 of these cards circulated, the impact will be dramatic. Please be a part of the solution. Watch for these LFEI Auto Insurance Push Cards in the mail. A snapshot of the push card is below.

Please ask your clients to support the following bills aimed at fixing the three main contributing factors, our broken legal system, our poorly maintained roads, and distracted driving.

HB 372 by Rep. Talbot
The Omnibus Premium Reduction Act of 2019 - On Action Center here:
• Would reduce the jury trial threshold to $5,000;
• Remove phantom damages (medical damages that don’t really exist) from being considered by juries;
• Prevent exorbitant charges by doctors above a reasonable amount, to take advantage of patient’s pending claims or lawsuits;
• Prevent the existence of insurance to pay for any award from being a consideration by a jury, by prohibiting direct actions against insurers (cases will be decided on the facts and merits, not based the existence or amount of insurance coverage available);
• Mandatory rate review of auto insurance premiums by the DOI each year (for three years) to assure that any savings realized by these measure will be passed along to consumers;
• Extend the Prescription period to 2 years so that lawsuits won’t be needlessly filed, just because an accident victim hasn’t fully recovered, and is not in a position to resolve the claim;

HB 229 by Rep. Huval
• Will ban the handheld manipulation of portable electronic devices by a driver while a car is in motion.
Distracted Driving

HB 542 by Rep. Carter
• Will create a special sub-fund of the state’s Transportation Trust Fund, guaranteeing that specific tax revenues will be used for specific construction projects such as a new Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge, replacing the Calcasieu River Bridge, upgrades to U.S. 90, the widening of I-12 and I-20, and access improvements to the Port of New Orleans.

SB 148 by Sen. Hewitt & HB 51 by Rep. Huval
• Would allow evidence of comparative fault where accident victims contribute to their own injuries by not wearing a seatbelt;

PIA Members, we know the power of grassroots efforts - it is one of our association's greatest strengths! Let's speak up for Louisiana insureds - let's be a part of the SOLUTION to this auto insurance crisis in our state!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any legislation this session, please do not hesitate to contact the PIA of Louisiana Governmental Affairs Committee or your PIA staff, Jody Boudreaux or Natalie Cooper.

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Another fantastic day of catching around Lake Catherine. Darryl, Chuck, and Warren loaded the cooler up with reds. Live Cocahoes from Lake Catherine Island Marina did the trick.

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