Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange

The Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange is the pathway for individuals and Families of Louisiana to attain affordable healthcare coverage with the assistance of Federal Tax Subsidies. Learn what your options are today by visiting our website.

The Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange is the general insurance agency dedicated to providing the pathway for individuals and Families of Louisiana attain affordable healthcare coverage with the assistance of Federal Tax Subsidies through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Mission: To be the authority and exclusive resource to the citizens of Louisiana on HealthCare Reform while helping consumers and businesses "navigate" the various options available under the Affordable Care Act

[03/18/20]   Families First Coronavirus Response Act Passed into Law

Today the Senate passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and President Trump is expected to sign the bill shortly. The Act includes several provisions to protect American workers and assist employers in providing emergency paid sick leave, as well as paid family leave in the case of school closures, for working families impacted by COVID-19.

The FFCRA requires employers with up to 500 employees to provide paid sick leave and paid family leave while providing a refundable payroll tax credit to employers to cover 100% of the cost of wages. There is also a refundable income tax credit made available for self-employed individuals. Employers with less than 50 employees must apply for a hardship exemption in order to qualify.

Employers must offer two weeks (10 days) of paid sick leave for COVID-19-related reasons (existing leave offered can count toward the 10 days). If the sick leave is for an employee who is sick or seeking a diagnosis, the benefit must replace all of the employee's wages up to a maximum benefit of $511 per day. If an employee is caring for another individual who is sick, the benefit must replace at least two-thirds of the employee's wages up to a maximum benefit of $200 per day. The paid sick leave credit offsets 100% of employer costs for providing mandated paid sick leave. The credit also offsets, uncapped, the employer contribution for health insurance premiums for the employee for the period of leave.

Employers must offer 12 weeks of paid family leave for employees who have been employed for at least 30 days with a minor child in the event of the closure of the child's school or place of care. The first 10 days are unpaid, but the employee can overlap this with the 10 days of paid sick leave. This benefit must replace at least two-thirds of the employee's wages up to a maximum of $200 per day. The paid family leave credit offsets 100% of employer costs for providing mandated paid family leave. The credit also offsets, uncapped, the employer contribution for health insurance premiums for the employee for the period of leave.

Under FFCRA, self-employed individuals are provided similar credits as refundable income tax credits in an amount of what self-employed workers would have received if they had been an employee receiving paid leave benefits pursuant to the mandates. For a given day that a self-employed worker could not work, they can claim a "rough justice" tax credit in the amount of their average daily self-employment income for the year.

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healthsherpa.com Find, compare and buy healthcare.gov and state exchange health plans instantly.



Open Enrollment Starts TODAY! Enroll today!! Call us at the office if you have questions 504-309-0060!


healthsherpa.com Find, compare and buy healthcare.gov and state exchange health plans instantly.

Totally bypass the Healthcare.gov website and enroll using our private portal for Louisiana residents. No Username or Password Required. Enroll in less than 5 minutes once you've picked a plan.
A Payment is not needed before the enrollment deadline. Visit https://www.healthsherpa.com/?_agent_id=2056 to get the process started.



The deadline to enroll for health insurance is closing in...Enroll online in less than 5 minutes!


www.healthsherpa.com Find, compare and buy healthcare.gov and state exchange health plans instantly.


Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange

December 15, 2014 is the deadline for coverage to begin January 1, 2015. The link below will get the process started if you live in Louisiana.



Open enrollment starts tomorrow!



Blue Cross ID Card Changes for 2014

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and HMO Louisiana, Inc. members who have coverage starting in 2014 will get new ID cards. The new cards have a few differences from the old ones. Here are the most notable changes:

Copayment, coinsurance and deductible amounts will not be listed on your card in some cases. Your doctor will be able to find this information when you check out at the doctor's office. You can also find this information by logging in to your account at www.bcbsla.com. A member can also see this information on his or her Schedule of Benefits.

Each person covered by an insurance plan will get their own ID card, not just the policy holder.

New information, like pediatric dental and vision coverage facts, will be added to some cards if applicable. Members under age 19 with non-grandfathered health plans (which now includes embedded pediatric dental and vision) will have the Advantage Plus Network and Davis Vision information on their ID cards. The dental network will be indicated on the front of the member ID card. Dental and vision filing instructions will be listed on the back of the member ID card.

All members who buy or renew their plans in 2014 will receive new ID cards. You should receive your new card(s) upon renewal and some may have already received their cards for this year. You can order replacement cards online by logging in to your online account at www.bcbsla.com.

Members with Both HMO Louisiana Health and Stand Alone Dental
If you have an HMO Louisiana, Inc. health plan and stand-alone dental coverage, he or she will receive two cards: one for the health plan and one for the stand-alone dental plan.

Stand Alone Dental Only ID Card Changes
The corresponding dental network and customer service numbers will appear on the ID card. The Advantage Plus Dental network name will appear for the Blue Dental plans (Essential, Preferred and Preferred Plus), which are our Affordable Care Act-compliant dental products for small groups and individuals. Our Blue Cross Dental network name will appear for those with existing group dental plans (Blue Cross Dental Plans 1 – 7) that are not Affordable Care Act-compliant.

Vision Information on ID Cards
If your client has routine vision benefit coverage, Davis Vision filing instructions are now included on the back of the member's medical ID card.

www.bcbsla.com Get a Gym for $25 a month - This Blue365 deal gives you access to nearly 8,000 participating fitness locations. Learn More »

Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act

Did you purchase insurance direct from healthcare.gov? It's now past Jan 1st, do you have a policy number yet? If not we can help...just send us a private message and we will help you retrieve this information. Share this post...

Learn how the health care law affects you at Healthcare.gov. The official site of the Health Insurance Marketplace. See your health insurance choices.

[12/30/13]   All consumers need to pay their premium directly to the insurance company on or before December 31, 2013 or by a later date if the insurance company says a later date is okay in order to have coverage by January 1, 2014. (ON EXCHANGE ONLY)

If a consumer is not sure if they have finished the process and enrolled in their plan of choice we recommend that the consumer contacts the insurer to confirm the enrollment. Consumers can also confirm that they have paid their first month’s premium and that enrollment is effective beginning January 1, 2014. Please note that once a consumer selects a plan, it may take the health plan 48-72 hours to receive and process the enrollment, so encourage them to wait to contact the health plan. They should also periodically check back with the selected health plan, if the health plan says it does not have their information. The insurance company will also send the consumer plan information and an insurance card.

More information can be found in this new blog post geared towards consumers: Tips to help you enroll in Marketplace coverage: Make sure you're enrolled: (copy and paste) - https://www.healthcare.gov/how-to-have-the-best-experience-with-healthcare-gov/#part=5



If you purchased a Blue Cross plan on or off the exchange in Louisiana be sure to download the Blue Cross App!

itunes.apple.com Get BCBSLA on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

[12/28/13]   How to file an Appeal....Healthcare.gov

Decisions you can appeal

You can appeal the following kinds of Marketplace decisions:

Whether you’re eligible to buy a Marketplace plan

Whether you can enroll in a Marketplace plan outside the regular open enrollment period

Whether you’re eligible for lower costs based on your income

The amount of savings you’re eligible for

Whether you’re eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Whether you are eligible for an exemption from the individual responsibility requirement


Appeal Request Form

This form is for Marketplace appeals in the following states:
Alabama - Arkansas - Idaho - Louisiana - Montana - New Jersey
Tennessee - Texas - West Virginia:



How to use your new Marketplace coverage


lahealthexchange.com Coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace begins on January 1 for you if you enrolled by December 24, 2013. There are steps you can take right now to ensure that you have access to health insura...


6 problems with Obamacare s navigator program - Employee Benefit Advisor Slideshow

eba.benefitnews.com Insurance brokers have been saying it all along, but now a House Oversight and Government Reform report confirms that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services had numerous failings in their conceptualization and implementation of navigators. Here are the key findings from that House report:…



www.icontact-archive.com Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana, the entity in Louisiana that receives over one million dollars in Federal Grant Money, is intentionally misleading the citizens of Louisiana. In reviewing the following document, you will notice on page 10 this group's total misrepresentation and blatant mischara...


Hearing in Richardson focusing on Obamacare scandal

www.myfoxdfw.com A congressional hearing will be held in Richardson on Monday focusing on federal employees in North Texas who are helping people sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act.


Issa: ACA Navigators Coax Applicants to Lie, Get Subsidies

www.newsmax.com Obamacare navigators aren't trying to help people find a good insurance plan, Rep. Darrell Issa says; they are trying to enroll people in Medicaid and highly subsidized insurance plans.


Sebelius: Issa, GOP impugning Obamacare “navigators” - CBS News

www.cbsnews.com As House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa tours the country investigating Obamacare, embattled HHS director fights back


Pete Sessions and Darrell Issa: Who are these Obamacare navigators?

Caution: Who are these Obamacare Navjgators?
Note: Our exchange only works with licensed insurance agents.

www.dallasnews.com The lawmakers are calling on the White House to implement more guidelines for those handling sensitive information.


Louisiana Politics, Elections and State Legislature News - NOLA.com

Louisiana insurance commissioner will allow 'noncompliant' health care plans

www.nola.com Get the latest Louisiana and New Orleans politics and election news and results, louisiana political blogs and articles. Find updates on the state legislative session and issues, comment on the news and join forum at NOLA.com


Obamacare’s online exchange for small businesses is delayed by one-year

Online SHOP exchange delayed to 11/1/2014

Employers must go through a broker.


m.washingtonpost.com The White House will hold off on launching its online health exchange where small businesses can shop for coverage until November 2014, an HHS official confirmed.


Two more Obamacare delays: Enrollment extensions for this year and next

Deadline extended...

www.cnbc.com The Obama administration announced two significant extensions of deadlines for enrollment in health policies.


ObamaCare Navigators Caught Red-Handed: Lies, Deception & Fraud

Is this surprising to you?

www.ijreview.com Counsel lying on forms, plot to turn data over to a Democratic elections group...


Company Sued for Fraud Gets Multi-Million Dollar ObamaCare Contract

Just another reason why you need the help of a licensed agent. Don't use the service of a navigator!

foxnewsinsider.com Eighteen months after a major non-profit settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit for fraud with the feds, it was hired by the government. In a Kelly File investigation, Trace Gallagher reported that the company Seedco was tasked with setting up ObamaCare navigators in four states.


Sebelius: 'It's Possible' Convicted Felons Could Become ObamaCare Navigators

Why use a navigator when you can use the services of a licensed insurance agent?

foxnewsinsider.com Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) asked HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius this morning whether it is true that a convicted a felon could potentially be hired as an ObamaCare navigator.


80,000 Louisianians' health insurance policies will be canceled under Affordable Care Act

Are you one of the 80,000 Louisianians'? Call us @ 504-309-0060....We can help!

www.nola.com About 80,000 Louisiana residents will see their health insurance policies canceled in 2014 because they don’t meet new federal health-care standards, the state’s insurance commissioner said Monday.Jim Donelon said the Department of Insurance collected the information from health insuranc...


What went wrong with HealthCare.gov

washingtonpost.com HealthCare.gov, built by 55 contractors, is one of the most complex pieces of software ever created for the federal government. It communicates in real time with at least 112 different computer systems across the country. In the first 10 days, it received 14.6 million unique visits, according to the...

White House To Give Consumers Extra Time To Buy Health Insurance Before Facing Penalty

More Last Minute Changes with ObamaCare:

White House To Give Consumers Extra Time To Buy Coverage Before Facing Penalty - Valentines Day 2014 is no longer the deadline..

kaiserhealthnews.org The Wednesday announcement gave people an extra six weeks -- until March 31 -- to comply with the health law's requirement that they enroll in a health plan.


The Associated Press reports on this development -- which it called a "new wrinkle" -- that will move up by about six weeks the date by which consumers will need to have health insurance or face penalties. Also in the news, lots of talk -- some of which came from President Barack Obama himself -- about how the health law helps or hurts workers and how it impacts health care costs.


[10/02/13]   At this time we are waiting for certification from the carriers to release the quotes we have available via our website. This will be by far the best alternative to the healthcare.gov website portal which seems to be unavailable all the time. Again we encourage you to set up a time with an exchange consultant. Call 504-309-0060.

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