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Global Stocks Fall Due to Rising U.S.-China Trade Tensions

Stocks fell sharply on May 13 following the most recent U.S.-China tit-for-tat on tariffs. But a return to higher volatility doesn't change the positive economic fundamentals.

voices.cf.socialware.com Read our latest guidance on market uncertainty and investing for the long term.


Tariff and Trade Threats Hit Global Stocks

Global stocks declined on May 7 due to worries about additional U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports. Even with this abrupt decline, though, the U.S. stock market is up this year.

voices.cf.socialware.com The return to elevated trade and tariff tensions hasn't altered the positive fundamentals behind this year's gains.


Rebalance to Combat the Market Cycle of Emotions

It’s important to maintain a long-term perspective and stay invested during the ups and downs.

voices.cf.socialware.com Emotional investing decisions could lead to the biggest risk of all: not reaching your long-term financial goals.


Happy Mother's Day

Countless laughs, memories and moments that matter … thank you to all who have mothered us.

voices.cf.socialware.com How are you planning to celebrate Mother's Day?


Have You Considered Long-term Care Insurance?

We review the ins and outs of this financial strategy, designed to protect your loved ones.

voices.cf.socialware.com This might be one way you can help continue to meet your family's financial needs.


Sustainable Investing: A Socially Conscious Approach

Take a closer look at this type of investment.

voices.cf.socialware.com Does sustainable investing make sense for you? Let's discuss.


5 Reasons for Optimism

Don’t let headlines about political or economic uncertainty reduce your confidence in the future.

voices.cf.socialware.com If you're feeling nervous, let's talk. Give me a call.


Looking for Last-minute Tax Information? Visit Our Tax Resources Center

From deductions to consider, to defining commonly used terms, check out these tips.

voices.cf.socialware.com How to navigate tax season


11 Common Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Take a look at our tips.

voices.cf.socialware.com Have you not built an emergency fund yet, or are you planning to wait to enroll in a retirement savings plan? Find out how to recover from these common mistakes.


3 Strategies to Simplify Quarterly IRS Payments

Tips to make the quarterly tax process more convenient for your business

voices.cf.socialware.com How to know about deadlines and penalties, plan ahead for your payments and minimize the amount due


3 Strategies to Simplify Quarterly IRS Payments

Tips to make the quarterly tax process more convenient for your business

voices.cf.socialware.com How to know about deadlines and penalties, plan ahead for your payments and minimize the amount due


Our Technology Can Help Make Tax Time Easier

Check out these valuable services to help make filing your federal income taxes a little easier this year.

voices.cf.socialware.com Questions? Give me a call.


Tax Diversification and Retirement Strategies

A closer look at one option that can allow you more flexibility during retirement.

voices.cf.socialware.com How does this strategy fit with your overall goals? Let's talk.


How Much Will College Cost?

Though costs can vary, use this chart as a thought starter to guide your planning.

voices.cf.socialware.com Give me a call, so we can work together to make your college savings goals a reality.


Your Tax Season Calendar

Stay on track with your finances by keeping this calendar close.

voices.cf.socialware.com While April 15 is the major deadline, here are other important dates to keep in mind.


How to School Your Children About Money

Here are three financial lessons that are helpful year-round.

voices.cf.socialware.com What do you want your kids to know about money?


Tax Resource Center

Each week, we'll feature a tip to help you navigate tax season. Today, take a look at our Tax Resource Center.

voices.cf.socialware.com From deductions to consider to defining commonly used terms, we'll be providing tips to help you over the next few months.


Outlook 2019: Climbing a Rockier Road

Get our take on the economy and markets, and how to prepare for higher volatility ahead.

voices.cf.socialware.com As we contemplate 2019, the road looks rockier with increased market volatility. Have we passed the peak of this expansion, or is there room left to climb?


In a Persistent Pullback, Perspective Is Priceless

Stocks sold off on Jan. 3 amid renewed market anxiety over the outlook for the global economy. Volatility has become more of the norm lately, with risks clouding a view that still contains plenty of sun.

voices.cf.socialware.com As a long-term investor, the key is not to ignore the risks, but to remain focused on your investment horizon.


Is A Move In Your Future?

Make it easier with a little preparation.

voices.cf.socialware.com Minimize the pain of moving by setting priorities and preparing in advance.


A Look at CDs and Other Rates

Check out these current rates, updated daily.

voices.cf.socialware.com Have questions? Give me a call today.


4 Investing Myths – Separating Fiction from Reality

Here are 4 common myths you'll want to avoid right from the start.

voices.cf.socialware.com Let's talk about the strategies that are right for you.


Market Pulls Back on Fading Optimism Over Trade and Growth

Stocks turned lower on Dec. 4, giving back gains as the shine on a tariff truce faded. Here's why we think the bull market is not out of gas.

voices.cf.socialware.com Near-term jitters could make for a bumpy ride as we close out 2018, but looking ahead, we don't expect them to outweigh the still-positive fundamental backdrop.


Teaching Your Kids About Spending, Saving and Investing

Help your children or grandchildren develop good financial habits.

voices.cf.socialware.com Money management skills can benefit your children and grandchildren throughout their lives.


Are You Hesitating to Invest?

Is it too late to invest? Are the gains behind us? We don’t think so.

voices.cf.socialware.com Thinking you might be missing out on some opportunities? Let's discuss.


3 Tips to Remember Before You Buy CDs

Learn more about maturity, competitive rates and annualized rates.

voices.cf.socialware.com Are these an appropriate solution for you?


Holiday Gatherings: A Time to Watch for Alzheimer's Warning Signs

Here are some differences between possible signs of Alzheimer's and typical age-related changes.

voices.cf.socialware.com If you notice anything unusual, it’s important to talk with a doctor to find the cause.


The Real Cost of Life Insurance

Your daily latte habit. Streaming service. Your cell phone bill. Just 3 things that might cost more than term life insurance.

voices.cf.socialware.com Learn why term life may be more affordable than you might think.


Happy Thanksgiving from Edward Jones

Family, friends, and don't forget the pumpkin pie – enjoy celebrating this special time of year!

voices.cf.socialware.com Happy Thanksgiving


Creating Your Retirement Paycheck

Your portfolio needs to switch from getting you to retirement to getting you through retirement.

voices.cf.socialware.com You’ve spent years investing so you can retire on your terms. But when your regular paychecks stop, you’ll need a strategy to help provide for your income needs throughout retirement.


Don't Mix Election Politics with Investing

Determine your strategy based on your situation and goals, and stay invested despite any short-term political uncertainty.

voices.cf.socialware.com Keeping a long-term focus can help put any short-term worries in perspective.


Weekly Market Update

Check out our weekly market update for news on last week's market and guidance for the week ahead.

voices.cf.socialware.com Take a look at our update.


How Much Should You Be Putting Away for Retirement?

Less than half of working investors know how much to save for retirement. Don't be one of them.

voices.cf.socialware.com Let's work together to determine if you're on track.

8 Cyber Mistakes to Avoid

Take this cyber awareness quiz to learn how to protect yourself.

voices.cf.socialware.com See if you know which of these scenarios could indicate fraud.


Technology Serving You & Your Clients

Our integrated technology makes our financial advisors’ jobs easier by making it easier for their clients to invest.

voices.cf.socialware.com Our time-saving, integrated and automated technology and tools enable financial advisors to focus more time on clients, both inside and outside the office.


Life Insurance & Your Financial Strategy

Why life insurance is an important part of your financial strategy.

voices.cf.socialware.com Pay off the mortgage, pay for education, provide for your spouse and children. When life doesn't go as planned, life insurance can be an important part of your financial strategy.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – What You Need to Know

Bitcoin is a new technology with a lot of buzz – but does that translate into a quality investment opportunity for long-term investors?

voices.cf.socialware.com Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a promising new technology, there are numerous uncertainties for investors to consider.


Take a Look at the 2018 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures Report

The number of Americans living with Alzheimer's is rising rapidly.

voices.cf.socialware.com It's a growing epidemic. More than 5 million Americans have the disease, with 14 million expected by 2050. That's why Edward Jones and our branch proudly support the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®.


Why Your Child Should Be in a Booster Seat

Don't take them out too soon – it can put your child at risk.

voices.cf.socialware.com According to the article, research finds a 45 percent reduction in injury in kids who experience a collision in a booster seat versus without one.


Experts in the Financial Industry Offer Advice for Working Women

Industry leaders like our own Vickie Wicks prove that finding a work-life balance is possible on your path to the top.

voices.cf.socialware.com Smash the archaic belief that women can't have it all. These industry leaders prove that finding a work-life balance is possible on your path to the top.


3 Ways I Can Help You Invest In Your Grandchildren's Future

Think about these gifts that are meant to last a lifetime.

voices.cf.socialware.com Make a difference in their tomorrows by planning ahead.


What Can You Learn from Your Investment Statement?

Here are some tips for reading your statement to determine where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going

voices.cf.socialware.com Your statement can help you assess your progress and provide you with future insights, so it's important to understand how to read it.


Let's Meet This Weekend to Discuss Preparing for the Unexpected

Life's ups and downs happen. Come see me this Saturday to talk about how your financial goals can still remain on track.

voices.cf.socialware.com Give me a call if you'd like to make an appointment in advance.


3 Keys to Your Financial Freedom

From how much money you'll need to how much you should rely on your portfolio, answering these questions will impact the big picture.

voices.cf.socialware.com Let's review different scenarios to determine what makes the most sense for you.


Sleep for Teen Mental Health

Research has found a clear link between sleep deprivation and teenage depression and anxiety. Here's how your teen can develop better sleep hygiene.

voices.cf.socialware.com Why lack of sleep can be so dangerous for teens

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