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I help individuals and families become financially set for life by teaching and coaching them to do the things I've done, that will lead to guaranteed success!

I help individuals and families become financially set for life by teaching and coaching them to do the things I've done, that will lead to guaranteed success! My ideal client would have at least $1000 per month to invest in financial products that will allow them to shelter much of their money from taxation, easily pay for their kids' colleges, and create their own banking system!

[03/25/20]   Are you tired of watching your 401K lose 20% or more of its value in just a few weeks? It is exactly times like this that I had in mind when I took my family on a different path over ten years ago!! Message me and I can show you how to provide a more secure and stable place to put your money that will let you sleep better at night

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Is this you?

With major stock market increases, tax cuts, and pay raises, people are feeling wealthy, saving less, and taking on more debt. But history proves that a stock market meltdown is inevitable. Here's how you can be prepared:

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

Many people like using a 401(k) or IRA to defer their taxes. But they forget that the taxman will still come calling on that distant day in the future when they start taking withdrawals from these accounts. Here's what you need to know:

Happy Thanksgiving

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

The vast majority of Americans have little to no savings outside their retirement accounts and the savings rate just hit a worrisome 10-year low. Click below to discover a solution.

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What if I told you that it’s possible to get an effective annual return of nearly 10% over time without the risk of stocks, real estate or other volatile investments?

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Why should you be extremely wary if you’re considering getting cash by tapping your 401(k) plan? I tell you here:

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Real estate and other investments can be part of a well-diversified financial plan. Let’s look at how real estate compares to Bank On Yourself first:

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

This is why I’m doing what I’m doing!!

Tax-free retirement—living a comfortable life in retirement without the obligation to pay income tax—is good, and this article reveals how to make it happen:

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

Reply to me today if your worried too! I have a fool proof way to avoid this retirement fear!

Record numbers of Americans older than 65 are working today, and millions are doing it by need, not by choice. Don't want to be one of them? Here's the solution to save more where your growth is guaranteed:

Check this out!

President Reagan’s Secret 702(j) Retirement Plan – What it Is and How it Works The Palm Beach Letter is at it again! And that’s why we’ve been getting questions about “President Reagan’s Secret 702(j) Retirement Plan,” and how it compares to Bank On Yourself. The 702(j) account has gone by other names, including the 770 Account, President’s Secret Account, Invisible Account an...

Even Robert Kiyosaki believes we are Do for a crash! You don't want all your money tied up in your home or the stock market when that happens!! Reach out to me and I'll show you how to keep you and your family from losing your hard earned money when this happens

🚨 Banks Will Do OK During The Next Crash, But… 🚨

What about US? Look, I’ve been saying for months that the next ECONOMIC CRASH is just around the corner. I’m not psychic: History shows us that a major financial crisis has happened at least every 10 years. (The last one was 2008... Time flies!)

But in case anyone doubted we’re about to get hit, take a look at how the big banks and the Federal Reserve are planning for it. The Fed recently ran a big “stress test” to see how 34 of the biggest banks will fare during the next crash.

“The results show that even during a severe recession, our large banks would remain well-capitalized,” Fed Governor Jerome Powell said.

In the scenario they looked at, the banks would “only” lose a combined $493 Billion. Yet, according to their analysis, they’d still be ok.

But, what about the rest of us???

Banks may have what it takes to withstand the next crash but most people are not prepared at all:

- Most people are unaware the crash is coming…
- Most people have no plan to protect or increase their wealth…
- Most people are crossing their fingers and hoping they’ll be ok as they are…

Banks and the ultra-wealthy have always had ways (or find ways) to protect their assets that ordinary people just don’t. But that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t have some kind of a strategy.

The fact is:

❗There are winners and losers in every financial crisis.❗

Most of the winners were rich already and had access to shelters, loopholes and the best financial advice, and most of the losers were hardworking people who did nothing and got burned.

But there are always a handful of regular folks who look for opportunity and actually make more money during a crash.

One great way to make money even when the economy is crashing is to start the right business.

Notice I said the “right” business.

Obviously some businesses suffer during a crash or even go under. But the kind I’m thinking about will probably increase instead, just as it has been doing steadily ever since it started, in good times and bad.

What is this business?

It’s an ONLINE BUSINESS that’s based on selling digital information.

No matter what the economy is doing, people are always searching for solutions to their everyday problems, for example:

- Health-related problems…
- Problems having to do with relationships, sex and dating…
- Problems around finances and business…

A business that sells the information that people are seeking (and willing to pay for) can actually make more money during a crash — perhaps even more than in good times.

Best of all, this business can be started up extremely fast and with very little capital.

So, even someone starting from zero today can be well positioned to be making money before, during and after the coming crash.

For anyone wondering how to get started and if it’s something that they can actually do, I have good news:

I’m running a FREE training with my good friend Anik Singal, who’s going to show exactly how to set up an online business like the one I’m talking about.

Go here to register for this FREE training:
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Anik has generated over $120 Million in sales over the past 15 years (yes, that period includes the 2008 crash!) selling digital information. He’s taught thousands of ordinary people how to do it too, in good times and bad!

His students include…

- Nurses
- Retirees
- Stay-at-home moms
- Corporate types who wanted out of the rat race
- Really, people from all backgrounds looking for an extra stream of income.

The big banks don’t have to be the only ones sitting pretty during the next crash!

Go here to register for this FREE training:
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P.S. If you’re worried that this is incredibly tech or complicated, it really isn’t. Our training will prove it.

Register here: ➡️ ⬅️


- Davidson, Paul. “All the banks have enough capital to withstand a severe recession, Fed says.” USA TODAY. 22 Jun 2017.
- Inman, Phillip. “Central banks raise alarm over new crash after steep rise in lending.” The Guardian. Economics. 25 Jun 2017.

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

"Retirement isn’t only about money; it’s about gaining financial independence." Read an in-depth interview with Commander Bob about how Bank On Yourself changed his life:

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

When your retirement savings are in a government-controlled plan sponsored by your employer, your employer can change the rules at any time. And so can the government. Here's what you need to know:

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

With so much uncertainty in the economy and the stock market, people have been asking us how the Bank On Yourself method will hold up under various economic scenarios. Here's how:

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

There are SO many scary facts about your 401(k). Here are 7 of them that will scare the living daylights out of you!

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

If you have a 401K plan you need to know what you are getting into!

401K plans are the most common option used by Americans to grow a nest-egg for retirement. But they also have numerous drawbacks. Here's how they compare to Bank On Yourself:

Thompson Thurman

Check out this video!!

Please share this with your friends and family who want a guaranteed retirement plan while still having access to the cash BEFORE retirement. I tell people all of the time that life happens before retirement also, so we need accessibility to cash. This does it!

Reed Financial Concepts's cover photo

Reed Financial Concepts's cover photo

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

Yes tax free retirement is possible!

Tax-free retirement income sounds great, but how is it possible? I reveal how to make it happen - legally - here:

Thompson Thurman

Bottom line is SAVE more!

Reed Financial Concepts's cover photo

Reed Financial Concepts's cover photo

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

How hard is it for you to access your own money! Read the following article and ask me how I do it differently!!

Do you know how quickly and easily you can get your hands on your money if you need it before age 59 1/2?

[06/10/17]   Check out my affiliate in Amarillo! These guys changed my life 8 years ago, now I'm following in their footsteps!!

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Robert Kiyosaki

Simple math and common sense are all you need to do well financially.

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

Most of us are told 401k's at work are the way to go!! Read the article below and gain a slight different perspective

401(k)s are a scam. Want proof? Click here:

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Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

Take full responsibility for your own financial security. Don't rely on the "conventional" retirement planning wisdom just because everyone else assumes it's true.

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[06/03/17]   Today’s Thought June 3, 2017

Pamela Yellen - Bank On Yourself

Do you know how you compare to other Americans when saving for retirement? Click here to find out:

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