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As the Owner of Elite Mortgage LLC, and a 20 year veteran of real estate finance, I am seasoned in FHA, VA, Conventional, Rural Housing, Jumbo lending.

A Mortgage Banker with over 25 years of experience. I am Committed to providing a Partnership and Support to my Real Estate Professionals, Customers and Employees that is unmatched. My Mission is to make your home buying process a smooth and seamless event, and to guide you on your way to your new home!

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If you didn’t hear…the Federal Reserve cut the Fed Rate by .25% last week…

…It’s the first time they’ve done that SINCE 2008!

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Mortgage Rates Barely Budge Despite Bond Market Improvement😊🏡📉

Mortgage Rate Update! #EliteMortgageRates

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Elite Mortgage LLC NMLS# 1631117

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How To Buy A House

Forbes providing excellent guidance to consumers.

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August 30, 2018
Mortgage rates didn't move at all, again today. There really hasn't been any meaningful movement for more than 3 weeks.

Mortgage Rates Extend Steady Streak📉
Aug 22 2018, 3:45PM
Mortgage rates haven't really moved for 9 straight business days. Some lenders have seen microscopic improvements during that time, but the average lender is still quoting the same rates and fees seen on August 13th🏡👍

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Mortgage Rates ended the week a tad lower, but the outlook is they will move higher.
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Checkout this Open House Saturday from 10-11:30 am! Marketed by Rick Cummins

Getting Pre-Approved is your First Step to Buying Your First or Next Home!

Getting Pre-Approved is your First Step to Buying Your First or Next Home!

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Better Rates-More Options! #BrokerAreBetter

Better Rates-More Options! #BrokerAreBetter

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Tour this gorgeous home at today’s Open House with Kent Selby, Castlen Realtors!

Tour this beautiful home at this weekend's
Open House!

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Shopping for a home this weekend? I can get you pre-approved today, just in time to tour Brian Luttrell's
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A college degree, or your money back - The Hechinger Report

I’d like to see higher learning institutions have more skin in the game. Everyday I see folks with crushing student loan debt trying to qualify for home loans. Some of the investors of conventional loans are a little more flexible and qualify you off the wage earner minimum payment. However, FHA uses a 1% of balance payment to qualify you-and that’s becoming an issue with young people with limited down payment and $50k+ in student loan debt. Melissa Coombs bet on college. She took out loans, moved to Maine from Connecticut, and spent four years earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing. After graduation, she moved home and started looking for a job. “I actually ended up working at a gas station, and realized, after about eight months...

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Elite Mortgage LLC NMLS# 1631117

You put down 1% and the Lender gives you 2% for a total of 3% down!🏡👍💰

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Mortgage Rates Ready to Move After Tomorrow's Inflation Data
Mortgage rates began the day fairly well in line with the past 2 days. While it's nice to see some stability in this environment, it's not so nice that it's occurring at 4-year highs. Do we have a shot at moving much lower or should you brace for more? What warning signs should you look for to help answer that question?

Much has been made in the news recently about the correlation between stocks and bonds (which dictate rates). Depending on the day, stocks are said to be falling because rates are too high or rates are said to be rising because stocks are rising. In reality, rates are largely doing their own thing, and that thing just happens to correlate with movement in stocks in general. Last week's stock crash was a different story as it did actually help interest rates catch their collective breath.

Tomorrow will be a different story yet again as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) stands a very good chance to inform the next major move for rates. CPI is the most important inflation report and arguably the most important economic report in general at the moment. To whatever extent inflation is higher than expected, we're likely to see upward pressure on rates. If it's much weaker than expected, the recent resilience near the multi-year rate highs could give way to some actual progress back in the other direction. It remains to be seen how long such progress could last, but in any event, you'd want to assume it had a limited shelf life unless something changes (and if something changes, we'll definitely be talking about it here).

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Don't Go (house hunting) till ya know (you can qualify)!

Rates are up!!!

Mortgage Rates in Big Trouble
Feb 1 2018, 4:41PM
Mortgage rates are in big trouble. Whatever you've read about the current spike so far today, you'll probably need to double it after today's bond market movement. Why? Because most news stories on rates haven't yet accounted for today's bond market movement! The most prevalent source material is Freddie Mac's weekly survey which generally tracks lender quotes from Monday and Tuesday of any given week. The survey showed a 0.07% jump week over week.

The actual jump is more like 0.12-.13. The average lender is now quoting 4.375% on top tier 30yr fixed scenarios. More than a few are already up to 4.5%. Lenders quoting rates much lower are likely doing so at the expense of profit margins and that could create sustainability concerns. Moreover, unless you're interacting directly with someone who is in a position to lock a mortgage rate for you right then and there, there's really no guarantee that the information informing any given opinion on rates is still current. In other words, things have been moving quickly. Just because a mortgage lender could easily quote one rate a few hours ago doesn't mean that rate is available now. Keep the volatility in mind if you happen to have a loan in process. #RatesUp

Elite Mortgage LLC NMLS# 1631117

Congratulations to the Butlers!
We closed on their new home in just 18 days! #EliteMortgageLLC

Elite Mortgage LLC NMLS# 1631117

7 Reasons to Buy a House in Winter

Now is actually the ideal time to buy a home! 🏡
Here’s why!👍❄️ Find out why buying a home in winter can make perfect sense, and how you may find yourself coming out way ahead if you choose to buy and move house in winter.

Happy New Year!

"Whatever you do or dream you can
do—begin it.
Boldness has genius and power
and magic in it."

"What is not started today is never
finished tomorrow.”

~Saint Francis of Assisi

The Tax Advantages of Your Home Loan or Refinance

Even with the recent changes, owning a home can still provide significant tax advantages! Talk to your tax expert to accurately assess your situation, however, use this brief guide to get an idea of the tax advantages that could be in your future as a homeowner!

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