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Must make an important purchase that was a surprise? Do you need cash now to cover your financial commitments? It can be difficult to ask a friend or loved one for a loan and often times even harder to find someone with enough cash now. When money is tight, it's comforting to have a trusted loan provider like Cascho. We have a second Reno location at 495 Keystone Ave, Suite B. That store can be reached at (775) 300-6124.

13 Best Summer Superfoods for Men

Hey neighbors, we hope you have a great finish to the week and even better weekend! Tasty summer foods that will help supply the nutrients you need? We got 'em: Here are expert picks specifically for men.

Circadian clocks: Body parts respond to day and night independently from brain, studies show

Hey neighbors, Happy Father's Day and have a great weekend! Researchers have suspected that the body's various circadian clocks can operate independently from the central clock in the hypothalamus of the brain. Now, they have found a way to test that theory.

Certain placental stem cells can regenerate heart after heart attack

Hey neighbors, here is something interesting for your short week! Researchers have identified a new stem cell type that can significantly improve cardiac function.

Smallest pixels ever created could light up color-changing buildings

Hey neighbors, so much for office buildings leaving their lights on in support of a sports team! The smallest pixels yet created -- a million times smaller than those in smartphones, made by trapping particles of light under tiny rocks of gold -- could be used for new types of large-scale flexible displays, big enough to cover entire buildings.

8 Strength Exercises All Beginners Should Learn How to Do

Hey neighbors, Happy Mother's Day this weekend and be kind to each other! The best place to start is at the beginning.

New 3D microscope visualizes fast biological processes better than ever

Hey neighbors, short read that we found to be interesting. Have a restful and safe weekend! Researchers have combined their expertise to develop a new type of microscope. The revolutionary new light-field microscopy system makes it possible to study fast biological processes, creating up to 200 3D images per second. Initial tests have already delivered new insights into the movement of blo...

An army of micro-robots can wipe out dental plaque

Hey neighbors, one day going to dentist might be a little different. Have a great weekend! A swarm of micro-robots, directed by magnets, can break apart and remove dental biofilm, or plaque, from a tooth. The innovation arose from a cross-disciplinary partnership among dentists, biologists, and engineers.

Want to learn a new skill? Take some short breaks: NIH study suggests our brains may use short rest periods to strengthen memories

Hey neighbors, short read to help in case you have a itch to expand your knowledge. Have a safe and wonderful weekend! In a study of healthy volunteers, researchers found that our brains may solidify the memories of new skills we just practiced a few seconds earlier by taking a short rest. The results highlight the critically important role rest may play in learning.

Here's The MAJOR Difference Between The Elliptical And The Treadmill

Hey neighbors, both of these are great options for people who don't have a ton of time for the gym. Have a great week! Which is better?

How This Italian Entrepreneur Went From Politics, To PR, To Running 3 Businesses

Hey neighbors, we found this to be an interesting read. Have a great weekend and hug your loved ones! Paola Diana's patriarchal Italian upbringing turned her into a rebel. Today as founder of the Diana Group, she provides bespoke childcare and lifestyle management services for some of the world’s wealthiest people, and continues to support the empowerment of women.

A Career Burnout Framework And The One Thing Neuroscientists Say Disrupts It

Hey neighbors, we thought this was an interesting read if you have a minute. Have a great weekend and help someone if you can! Career burnout does have different levels, but regardless of where you are on the career burnout spectrum this definitely affects everything.

The Neuroscience Secrets For Positive Change That Stick

Hey neighbors, take stock of the positives this weekend and use the negatives for growth. TGIF! Have you created an amazing plan for your team to do more and achieve more? Then gotten, well, nothing? No change, just more of the same? Try adding some neuroscience to your change management.

Sofia Vergara Just Released a Jean Collection for Walmart — and Every Item Is Less Than $40

Hey neighbors, just in case you are in need of a new pair of jeans or two. Hug your loved ones and have a great day! This is the affordable luxury denim line we’ve been waiting for.

This Critical Part Of Retirement Takes Years Of Planning & Investment, And It's Not Money

Hey neighbors, have a great week and enjoy your friends and families! This seemingly secret ingredient to a happy retirement that no one tells us to plan for is a vital part of wellbeing in older age. Moreover, it requires the discipline of financial planning and investment - but it's not money and may even be even more important than money to living longer, better.

Heart Disease Found In 16th-Century Greenland Mummies

Hey neighbors, we wanted to pass this along for the next time you feel guilty about eating those extra fries. Have a great weekend! Part of a larger study of atherosclerosis in mummies, CT scans of these five young Inuit reveal fatty arterial deposits.

Want To Overcome Adversity? Believe In Yourself, Then Get Started

Hey neighbors, have a great weekend and whatever you are going through remember to believe in yourself! Inger Ellen Nicolaisen is a self-made entrepreneur from humble beginnings. Raised in a small Norwegian town by an alcoholic father, she became a mother at the age of 15. In 1984 she founded Nikita Hair, with her first hair salon in Norway. Nikita has now grown to 150 salons and over 1000 employees.

10 Wellness Trends You Have To Try In 2019

Hey neighbors, with this many tips hopefully there is something for everyone. Have a great weekend! Bio-hacking and high-impact workouts are so last year. Experts say these 2019 wellness trends will inspire your mind, body and soul.

13 Life-Changing Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep Up Forever

Hey neighbors, with New Year's approaching we thought this was worth a share. Have a great weekend! New Year's resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, but the major benefits of these tiny tweaks will keep you going your whole life.

10 Real Life Career Tips From The Women Rule Summit

Hey neighbors, we saw this and wanted to pass it along. Have a great weekend! These sessions at the Women Rule Summit 2018 were more appealing than the usual conference model of hyper-successful people spewing platitudes. Why? Because these sessions addressed real life, the messy moments most people don’t like to talk about – but that can make all the difference.

I Received A Bogus IRS Email: Here's How To Tell And What To Do If It Happens To You

Hey neighbors, helping to keep you informed is one of our favorite things to do. Enjoy your families and have a great weekend! I received an email allegedly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding tax transcripts. It wasn’t actually from IRS: It was a scam. Here's how to tell and what to do if it happens to you.

New Ways To Prevent Identity Theft During The Holiday Shopping Season

Hey neighbors, we urge you to check this article out; especially on the heels of Marriott's recent announcement. Have a great weekend! It's too easy to tune out advice about new ways to prevent identity theft and other threats to your personal information -- even as the holiday shopping season gets into full swing. That seems like someone else's problem.

Why You Should Care About Big Data This Flu Season

Hey neighbors, interesting read illustrating just how much technology could impact our health. Have a great weekend! #cashcoreno Could Twitter help predict how bad flu season will be? What can walk-in clinics tell us about where the worst of the virus will peak? Let’s take a look at how big data could transform patient diagnosis, vaccine development and epidemic prevention through a lens we all know too well: flu season.

Looking For A Financial Advisor? 5 Checkpoints To Consider

Hey neighbors, this article has some straightforward tips if you are apprehensive about being your own financial adviser. Have a great weekend! #cashcoreno There’s a wealth of information for any given subject – financial services is no different. Read here to explore these five checkpoints for finding a financial advisor for you!

Two Essential Steps That Will Help You Rise Above Trauma And Overcome It

Hey neighbors, the mindset of "somebody else has it worse" can put problems in perspective but it is also important to constructively deal with the challenges we all face whether big or small. #cashcoreno All human beings experience trauma of some kind. What would make an enormous difference in our lives is learning how to heal, recover and move through it with greater ease, grace and resilience.

How To Grab Nearly $3 Billion Of College Aid

Hey neighbors, college is expensive but many don't realize there is money available. Check this article out and have a great weekend! #cashcoreno You can find college financial aid with a little homework. Here's what you need to know.

This Is How To Make Big Goals Without Having Unhealthy Attachments To Them

Hey neighbors, we enjoy passing along articles that challenge you to evaluate your life and goals from different vantage points in order to grow personally or professionally. Have a great weekend! #cashoasis This is how to set goals without having unreasonable expectations about their outcomes.

How To Network Effectively Without Feeling Dirty

Hey neighbors, professional growth and networking are often interconnected which is why we wanted to pass this along. Have a great weekend! #cashcoreno With networking being so critical to our professional success, it's worth taking the time to reframe our beliefs about professional networking in order to make it less cringe-worthy and, instead, something we genuinely love to do and participate in.

Five Things Every Manager Needs To Know

Hey neighbors, technically this article is about management but to us its scope is much wider. Have a great weekend! #cashcoreno I’ve discovered that what founders often need is not just advice about how to raise a seed round or how to pick out the best board members, but also (and perhaps even more so) coaching on how to deal with people. They need to know how to manage others and how to act like leaders themselves.

How These 3 Cash Back Credit Cards Fatten Your Wallet

Hey neighbors, credit cards like many things in life are great if used responsibly. As such, here is an article we wanted to pass along. Have a great weekend! #cashcoreno These cash back credit cards offer the highest cash back - here's how.

The 10 best healthcare degrees for 2018

Hey neighbors, healthcare is believed to be one of the countries strongest areas for future job growth. Here is an article discussing 10 of the best degrees within the healthcare field. Have a great weekend! #cashcoreno The 10 best healthcare degrees for 2018

After Lackluster Product Launches, Two Friends Create The Multi-Million Dollar TubShroom

Hey neighbors, successful ideas can take years. Here is a great article about what two friends learned after finally creating a product that worked! #cashcoreno After learning budgeting and promotional lessons from several lackluster product launches, these friends created the TubShroom and sold more than $8 million in product by their second year of business.

9 Foolproof Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

Hey neighbors, homeowners insurance is something that can be shopped around. Here is an article with tips to help you save on this very important insurance. #cashcoreno Review this critical insurance policy, and it will pay off: You can save bundles of money and have peace of mind that your home and valuables are covered.

How To Refinance Student Loans And Get Approved

Hey neighbors, here is a helpful article if you are having trouble with your student loans and looking to refinance. #cashcoreno Student loan refinancing can save you significant money on your student loans. Here's how to make it happen even if you get rejected.

Here's Everything Leaving Netflix In August (2018) And What You Shouldn't Miss

Hey neighbors, "Netflix and Chill" is got to be on a lot of your minds with the temperatures. Here what is coming and going in August. Have a great weekend! #cashcoreno Here are all the TV shows, movies and Netflix Originals leaving Netflix in August, 2018.

These Are the 10 Best Family Vacation Bargains in America

Hey neighbors, opt for a staycation this weekend! We'll give you a hint #6
#cashcoreno Excellent, action-packed destinations.

Investing In Single-Family Rentals: Six Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Hey neighbors, being a landlord can be a great investment but it's not always sunshine and roses. Here's an article highlighting six things to be aware of concerning any investment property. Being proactive in understanding the risks of real estate investing and taking action to minimize them will pay off in the long run.

Twitter To Reveal Why You're Targeted For Particular Political Ads

Hey neighbors, Twitter is finally catching up to Facebook and allowing individuals to see why they are being shown certain ads. Here's some more information on it; Following deep concern about the source of political ads online, Twitter has announced that it will make public who's paying for ads, how much they spend and who the ads are targeted at.

Meet The World's First Fully Automated Burger Robot: Creator Debuts The Big Mac Killer

Hey neighbors, the weekend is almost here so take a roadtrip! One of the most innovative and anticipated restaurants in the country is opening in San Francisco; #cashcoreno After years of hype, Creator (formerly Momentum Machines) will be debuting its internet-speculated burger robot to the public through its burger restaurant concept in San Francisco. It will sell $6 burgers featuring high-end ingredients like umami dust, and cook and wrap up to 100 burgers per hour.

Hey neighbors, mother of 9 and author Helena Morrissey has these 6 tips for balancing work and life which we thought were great;

1.) Define "Success" - Reflection can make you be honest with yourself and allow your soul to guide life
2.) Ask For Help When You Need It
3.) Find A Mentor
4.) Learn to Listen
5.) Live In The Present - The past is unchangeable and the future hasn't been determined
6.) Remember You Inspire - "Do as I say, not as I do" is garbage. Mold you children and your future

Hey neighbors, get each day off to a good start by doing these 6 things before you go to sleep;

1.) Wash Your Face - Your skin, like the rest of your body, repairs itself at night so get the sweat & makeup off it
2.) Apply a Retinoid - This prescription vitamin A helps promote new collagen formation in skin
3.) Use Mouthwash - We produce less saliva when we sleep than when we are awake
4.) Stretch - Without getting too technical; this allows your cells to stock up on oxygen as we produce less while sleeping
5.) Yogurt - A little good gut bacteria before bed can help your immune system as it works to repair your body overnight

Hey neighbors, saving money can be a daunting task so here are some tips which should be realistic for most; #cashcoreno

1.) Side Gig -
2.) Clip Coupons
3.) Call Your Insurance - Inquire about discounts or raise your deductible which could lower your premium
4.) Decrease Energy Consumption - Set your thermostat to a schedule
5.) Leave Your CC at Home
6.) Cut the Cord - Sling, YouTube Red, Hulu, Netflix
7.) Iron Your Clothes - Silly to pay someone for this
8.) Track Your Expenses - This can be eye opening

Hey neighbors, Happy Mother's Day to all of the loving and hardworking moms out there!

Hey neighbors, you work hard and it's fun to reward yourself with a shopping trip. Here's some tips to average negating all that hard earned cash; #cashcoreno

1.) Wait a purchase out a week to be sure it's something you really need or want
2.) Cancel the catalogs that temp you
3.) Put one thing back during each shopping trip
4.) Keep your credit card off shopping sites
5.) Change how you socialize to emphasize experiences over things

Hey neighbors, Sunday is Earth Day! Celebrate it in Idlewild Park. There will be activities including creative writing, poetry reading, a poster art showcase, and a student lead science fair! #cashcoreno

Hey neighbors, first impressions happen quick, duh, so here are 6 ways to impress people before or during your next interview; #cashcoreno

1.) Arrive 15 minutes early
2.) Be polite and KIND to the receptionist
3.) Make eye contact when you meet the person
4.) Shake hands firmly
5.) Be friendly if the person tries to make small talk
6.) Bring extra copies of your resume

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