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Reverse Mortgage Specialist 26 yrs in California and Nevada. HECM for Purchase & Jumbo reverse mortgage expert. Maggie O'Connell

Reverse Mortgages can really make a difference in the lives of seniors. The federally insured home loan helps make lives more comfortable and provide financial security during retirement. The reverse mortgage is a loan against your home. As long as you’re living in the home, you don’t have to worry about making payments back. When you pass away, sell the home, or permanently relocate, the lender will call the reverse mortgage due. At that point in time, it’s up to your heirs to sell the home or refinance the mortgage to pay off the loan balance. A reverse mortgage is a very helpful program for seniors. Over the 20 years they have been in existence, thousands of senior homeowners have been able to stay in their homes and are very happy they took advantage of the program. Do yourself a favor and take your research seriously and learn about the programs available and how they can work for you. Go over the numbers with a trusted family member, friend, or attorney to see if a reverse mortgage can help you.....

Reverse Mortgages are more than a loan, they are financial security and peace of mind. Maggie has been helping people get reverse mortgages since the early 90's with over 100 positive customer reviews. Trust Maggie to give you 100% of her attention to your transaction. HECM Reverse Mortgages... ...unlock equity to use in retirement without requiring any payments to the lender until the last homeowner leaves the home permanently. Like regular mortgages, you hold title to your home and the lender records a lien (deed of trust) as security for the debt. Unlike regular mortgages, you don’t make monthly mortgage payments, instead the interest and mortgage insurance charges are added to the loan balance resulting in rising debt. You receive cash, line of credit or monthly payments. Supplement your income with tax free cash or draw from a line of credit when desired. Pay off existing mortgages and get rid of payments. Or use it to purchase a new home!

Mission: To help seniors take advantage of their homes to provide financial security to live the life they CAN afford.

Reverse Mortgage Store

ReverseTalk: E9: Mike Crossett

I'm very proud of my company, The Federal Savings Bank. Please watch our leader Michael Crossett in an interview about HECM reverse mortgages with Shannon Hicks We had a chance to catch up with Mike as he discusses partnering with banks, marketing, and building a successful HECM business.

Great turnout at Retired Living Truth Series on ‘Paying for Retirement’ A lot of interest in reverse mortgages. It’s clear people want to remain in their homes as long as possible.

Ask me about the next series!

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This is a picture of me in high school. I grew up in the small town of Live Oak in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. I was friends with everyone in my small high school and like most of the kids, worked in the fields to earn our own spending money. The “Live Oak values” have lasted throughout my life which includes working hard, being honest and caring about others. I think these values are the foundation of my successful reverse mortgage career.

I provide peace of mind! This statement I think sums up what I do for you. Not only in the program that I promote but in the service I provide. Let me elaborate. The program, reverse mortgages, gives you peace of mind because it may eliminate mortgage payments and provide extra cash or line of credit to take care of your financial needs in the future. To give you that added security you need in this world or ‘what if’s’. What if I need home repairs. What if I become ill and have medical bills. What if inflation hits my pocketbook hard. What if I want to go on a vacation and enjoy life more!

And I provide peace of mind in knowing that in the loan process, I’ll be there for you. This isn’t an assembly line operation where the sales person catches you on their hook and passes you down the line to people you don’t know and who don’t know you. I call my business a “Reverse Mortgage Boutique”. I’m your gal! You will have the peace of mind knowing I’ll be there for you from start to finish and with my 25 years of experience in the reverse mortgage profession, you’ll receive not only expert knowledge but compassionate assistance. I’ll learn and understand the way you operate, the way your mind works and cater to your specific needs. I’ll be your point of contact and take responsibility through the entire process from our initial conversation and education to final closing documents and be the person you call in years to come when a question comes up.

Additional peace of mind comes with the package as my company, The Federal Savings Bank is a nationally chartered, FDIC bank. We are closely regulated by the OCC and diligently follow strict privacy guidelines. Working with us, you will be assured your sensitive financial documents will be secure and safe.

Many of my clients shop around and get quotes from the big reverse mortgage ‘mills’ to try to get the best rates and lowest costs. They are often surprised to find out they can also get the best service and “Peace of Mind” on all counts when they call Maggie O’Connell’s “Reverse Mortgage Boutique”.
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This is great news for older homeowners with higher value homes. The new maximum claim amount of $679,650 is an increase from $636,150 this past year. The maximum claim amount is the highest home value we can use to calculate HECM proceeds. Proceeds for the loan are based on age of youngest borrower and expected interest rate.
To determine the amount available to you can fill out the form below or call Maggie at 800-684-9438 Wufoo is a web form builder that helps anyone create beautiful forms, surveys and invitations without writing a single line of code.

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Retired Living Truth Series

Important information will be discussed regarding how to pay for Senior living options. I'll be there to answer all of your reverse mortgage questions.

Learn about Paying for Senior Living at this FREE seminar, at the Reno Library on Thursday August 24 at 2pm.

Whether staying put and needing help, or moving to an independent, assisted living, long term care, or memory care community which is sometimes desirable and sometimes necessary, the question most people have is how they will pay for it.

Join us for a discussion related to financing options associated with senior living costs such as:
- Medicaid and Medicare
- Veteran Aid and Attendance
- Longterm Care Insurance and other options

Learn the TRUTH about financing options at the upcoming free 90-minute seminar featuring local subject matter experts.

Reserve Your Seat Today at or Call (775) 432-6398

Reverse Mortgages Are Now Newer, Safer, & Better

There are so many misconceptions about Reverse Mortgages because of a few problems with the loan in the past but rest assured, they are safe! I am always available and willing to clear up any misconceptions you may have heard. Give me a call at 1-800-489-0986. Reverse mortgages are available to individuals 62 or older who own their home, and they're safer and better than ever. Read about changes to the reverse mortgage program and why it may (finally) be a fit for your home.

Make this Fourth of July memorable by counting your blessings and truly appreciating your freedom.

The New York Times Got It Wrong About Reverse Mortgages

One of the biggest misconceptions about Reverse Mortgages is that the bank owns your home or takes your home when you die. FALSE! It is simply a mortgage with the monthly payment deferred. You always retain title and when you move, sell or pass away, the loan balance is due. The home is sold or mortgage paid off and you or your heirs retain the equity. Check out this article to hear more! Home equity is crucial for retirees in America, but misconceptions about reverse mortgages are widespread. Not only do consumers struggle with reverse mortgages, but so does the media as illustrated by a recent New York Times article that reinforced a common reverse mortgage misconception.

Finding a Reverse Mortgage Use for Every Income Bracket

"For instance, a “well funded” borrower may have planned well for retirement, but could use a reverse mortgage to buy a new home — either larger or smaller than the current property — or remodel his or her existing home to age in place safely and comfortably. On the other end of the spectrum, an “underfunded” retiree could take out a HECM and pay down high-cost debt, cover the cost of necessary medications, or even just keep the heat on in the winter." While reverse mortgages have long been seen as a product of last resort, professionals in the industry know that opinion is changing — and now a new blog post shows the different ways that people can use Home Equity Conversion Mortgages no matter their financial situation.

Reverse mortgages: A personal look

Read this personal look into Reverse Mortgages, a great and easy to understand breakdown from someone who experienced the process herself. I have long been a fan of reverse mortgages -- if they are done in the right circumstances and for the right reasons. Regular readers of this column know I

126 positive reviews!!! Check out my customer lobby review page or my website to read what everyone is saying about Reverse Mortgage Store!

Over 76 positive customer reviews at

Enjoy your Golden Years!

Reverse mortgages being used to purchase homes

Bob Massi "The Property Man" tackles the HECM for Purchase in this short informative video! 'The Property Man' Bob Massi examines the process

Realtor Panel Presents “Power” of Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

The HECM for Purchase represents a "powerful" tool for real estate professionals. Let's chat and I can explain how this program works and how it can help you sell more homes! Call or message me (800) 489-0986. The National Association of Realtors hosted a lively webinar on using reverse mortgages in real-estate transactions — and in the process revealed that real estate professionals have many of the same questions about the program as potential buyers and borrowers.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Chonda Pierce

Funny Clip about Downsizing (thanks Judy Ewing) Did you know you can purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage? Selling your large home that you can't maintain anymore and downsizing is a great option to use that equity money for retirement and make no mortgage payments as long as you live in the home and pay your taxes and insurance!

Have you ever thought about downsizing?

Should You Take a Reverse Mortgage Now, or Would It Be Better to Wait? (When Does 'Watchful Waiting' Become Procrastination?)

With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and telling us they will continue to increase them, this article by Jack M. Guttentag details how higher interest rates dramatically reduces funds available from the reverse mortgage. If you want to get the most money from a HECM reverse mortgage, the time to act is NOW! One of the important ways in which reverse mortgages differ from forward mortgages is the difference in the urgency to proceed. A prospective home buyer...

Beautiful weekend at Northstar!

What Really Makes Retirees Happy (Hint: It Isn’t the Money)

What's on your retirement Bucket List? #happinessinretirement Sixty-one percent of retirees surveyed said who they spend time with is far more important than what they are actually doing, according to WSJ Retirement Expert Maddy Dychtwald.

I have already recommended Ms O'Connell to other agents and clients due to her professionalism and follow-up.

Read our new customer review! I had looked into a Reverse Mortgage a couple of years ago and decided not to go forward with it....

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Huff Post: Should I Get a Reverse Mortgage Now or Later?

It is beneficial to secure a reverse mortgage now, a 1% increase in rates could mean an 18% decrease in benefits! President: Reverse Focus, Inc. • Video Commentator • Blogger • Podcaster • Reverse Mortgage Enthusiast • P: 800-805-9328

[03/03/17]   A homeowner I've been staying in touch with contacted me and said she is getting close to pulling the trigger and getting a reverse mortgage. She asked if she waited 2 years, how much more money would she receive. So I ran the numbers. Her home value is $255,000 and she is 68 years old, her principal limit (PL) is $143,300. At age 70 that amount would be $146,888. But that is only if interest rates remain the same. If she waits until age 70 and the rate increases by only 1/2 percentage point, the PL is reduced to $130,815. If the rate increases by 1 point, the PL is $115,000. The lesson learned here, is, yes, older people get more money, but waiting could backfire if there are interest rate increases!

Tomorrow, February 23rd I will be participating in the Senior Living Truth Series where the topic is: The Truth About Downsizing in 5 Easy Steps. At the Reno (Old) Town Mall - 4001 S Virgina St, Reno NV 89502

If you are considering making a move – now or in your future – you owe it to yourself to be prepared. Join us for this free seminar and learn how others just like you have simplified their lives by following the 5 easy steps to downsizing. Because downsizing should leave you Overjoyed not overwhelmed!

Visit: to sign up and learn more. Also, the next event will be on March 16th where you will learn "The Truth about Reverse Mortgages" Look out for more information!

Hope to see you there!
-Maggie O'Connell

What is a Reverse Mortgage? How do you qualify for a reverse mortgage?

Watch this "Ask the Expert" section on Rob Black and Your Money from a few years ago. This video has great information about benefits of using your home for retirement instead of pulling out of other investments. Look out for upcoming seminars in your area by following my page and getting updated information weekly on Reverse Mortgages!

A television interview answering questions about reverse mortgages.

Should Retirees Buy a Home With a Reverse Mortgage?

Do you want a house without stairs, closer to family and friends or want to live in a warmer climate? If you are over 62, a HECM Reverse Mortgage may ease the financial pain of the purchase.

Read the entire article by clicking below. This may be an option for some but experts caution an HECM is not for everyone.

Reverse Mortgage Store's cover photo

Reverse Mortgage Store's cover photo

Very easy process

Read our new customer review! Maggie was great to work with. She explained everything and handled everything in a professional ...

Very Excellent

Read our new customer review! When I first considered applying for a Reverse Mortgage, I was very apprehensive about the progra...

Excellent service under unusual circumstances!

Read our new customer review! Maggie was a true champion when needed. I thought I had my reverse loan process in place when I...

Very efficient and professional

Read our new customer review! Was impressed throughout the process with her efficiency and professionalism. We would recommen...

My agent was terrific and the closing agent was wonderful too.

Read our new customer review! I can't speak for all the agents from The Federal Savings Bank but Maggie O'Connell was my agent ...

What Happens to the House That Secures a Reverse Mortgage? | Huffington Post

When it's time to pay off the HECM (reverse mortgage) there are a number of scenarios that can take place. This article details many different situations families encounter when it's time for pay off. My answer to this question applies to the HECM program administered by HUD, with investors in the mortgages insured against loss by the Federal Housing A...

Maggie was great to work with, always very professional.

Read our new customer review! Maggie O'Connell was great to work with.....she was very knowledgeable about the reverse mortgage...

Great work, always reliable

Read our new customer review! I had a great experience using the services from The Federal Savings Bank. The woman who helped m...

My experience was very good

Read our new customer review! I would recommend Maggie at The Federal Savings Bank to anybody because she is precise and gets t...

How seniors can finance "upsizing" to a new home

Seniors in Reno and Sparks Nevada are taking advantage of reverse mortgages and purchasing homes in active adult communities and making life of all, no mortgage payments. I'm hosting regular reverse mortgage workshops on my Reno office. Call to sign up...Realtors are welcome! 775-770-0870 This neat move for retirees involves using a reverse mortgage to buy a more desirable home, without a monthly payment

Cnbc weighs in on 'controversial' reverse mortgages and how they really work

Here's an article in the Wall Street Journal and it's a fine, basic article explaining how the reverse mortgage works. What I can't figure out is why the title states 'Controversial' and I'm curious what exactly is controversial about it. Is it that homeowner's are using their home equity for themselves and not leaving the entire home free and clear for their kids? I think that's where it's coming from, but please think about that.... whose house is it anyway?

Specializing in Reverse Mortgages in Reno and throughout Nevada and California A CNBC expert commented on reverse mortgages this afternoon and gave advise on what retirees should apply for one of these loans.

A great reliable local company!

Read our new customer review! I liked dealing with The Federal Savings Bank because they are a local business. Maggie O'Connel...

Don't ignore home equity when planning your retirement

Many older Americans are home-rich and cash-poor, and could use their home equity to help fund their retirement, according to a recent report on Americans' retirement challenges. If you're approaching your golden years home-rich and cash-poor, you'll want to carefully consider your options

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