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Estate Planning Concerns for Single Individuals

Single? What have you decided about your will and financial/health care power of attorney? http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/estate-planning-concerns-for-single-individuals/

www.wbataxlawyer.com When you're single, decisions who to leave your assets to or who to trust with financial or health care power of attorney can be challenging....


How to Prevent Estate Disputes among Your Heirs

No matter how close your family is, and even if there has never been a record of any tension among family members, it is impossible to predict that your estate division will go off without any dispute. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/how-to-prevent-estate-disputes-among-your-heirs/

www.wbataxlawyer.com No matter how close your family is, and even if there has never been a record of any tension among family members, it is impossible to predict that...


How to Include Pets in Your Estate Plan

Estate planning for pets is challenging because pets under Florida law are not allowed to inherit property. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/how-to-include-pets-in-your-estate-plan/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Estate planning for pets is challenging because pets under Florida law are not allowed to inherit property. You cannot leave your assets to your...


How to Choose a Caregiver for Your Pet

One of the most important components of your estate plan for your pet, apart from a trust, is the caregiver that you appoint. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/how-to-choose-a-caregiver-for-your-pet/

www.wbataxlawyer.com One of the most important components of your estate plan for your pet, apart from a trust, is the caregiver that you appoint. This is a person who...


Are You Eligible for an Offer in Compromise?

The IRS only allows certain individuals, to submit an Offer in Compromise to settle tax debt. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/are-you-eligible-for-an-offer-in-compromise/

www.wbataxlawyer.com The Internal Revenue Service allows individuals who owe the agency tax debt to submit an Offer in Compromise. This Offer in Compromise will allow...


Estate Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

From the need to reduce significant estate taxes, to the need to protect your legacy, high net worth individuals, have several concerns while planning for the division of their estate. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/estate-planning-for-high-net-worth-individuals/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Estate planning can be an even more challenging affair, when it involves significant wealth. Individuals with high net worth must take a number of...


Paying off Tax Debt: Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise is one of the ways that the IRS allows you to settle your tax debt. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/paying-off-tax-debt-offer-in-compromise/

www.wbataxlawyer.com The Internal Revenue Service offers a number of ways that you can pay off your tax debt. One of those ways is an Offer in Compromise. This Offer in...


Why People Avoid Estate Planning

Fear of one's mortality, and fear of conflict-these are two of the primary reasons why people avoid writing a will, or making any kind of estate plan for their assets. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/why-people-avoid-estate-planning/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Studies have indicated that a significant number of Americans do not have any plans for the distribution of their assets after them. Many have not...


Ways to Distribute Personal Non-Titled Property

Who would want your old stuff? Actually, many of your heirs probably would. Kick off a discussion with them about distributing personal items. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/ways-to-distribute-personal-non-titled-property/

www.wbataxlawyer.com An individual's estate is not just the titled property that he has, like his home, car, and investment funds, but also non-titled property. This...


Probe into Whether Volkswagen Lied to IRS to Secure Tax Credits

The Volkswagen emission testing scandal has rocked the auto industry, but the automaker's troubles are far from over. Lawmakers will investigate whether the automaker misled the Internal Revenue Service to secure tax credits. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/probe-into-whether-volkswagen-lied-to-irs-to-secure-tax-credits/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Volkswagen may have yet another legal headache on its hands. The automaker is grappling with the fallout of a global scandal after it came to light...


Taxpayers Moving from Democrat to Republican States

High tax rates in Democrat-states are said to be behind a mass migration of people from these states to states that are held by Republican governors, according to a new report. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/taxpayers-moving-from-democrat-to-republican-states/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Migration has several reasons, and most of these are economic in nature. According to a report by Americans for Tax Reform, there has been an...


How to Tell If Your Heirs Will Fight over Your Estate

It is never entirely possible to predict how your heirs will behave when you are no longer around, and when there are assets to distribute. However, there may be signs that should alert you to the potential for sibling strife after you. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/how-to-tell-if-your-heirs-will-fight-over-your-estate/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Engaging in long-winding disputes over an estate makes little sense. Very often, these disputes end up in court, and they may take many months to...


How to Prevent Estate Disputes among Your Heirs

Disputes among heirs after a parent’s death is one of the most common scenarios. Learn what kind of steps you can take to prevent such a situation after your passing. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/how-to-prevent-estate-disputes-among-your-heirs/

www.wbataxlawyer.com No matter how close your family is, and even if there has never been a record of any tension among family members, it is impossible to predict that...


How to Include Pets in Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan should make provisions for the care and upkeep of your pet after you. It should also provide for the care of your pet, if you are temporarily incapacitated or disabled. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/how-to-include-pets-in-your-estate-plan/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Estate planning for pets is challenging because pets under Florida law are not allowed to inherit property. You cannot leave your assets to your...


Coca-Cola Plans to Fight IRS on Unpaid Taxes Claim

Coca-Cola has a major tax problem on its hands. The company has said that it has been notified by the IRS that it owes more than $3 billion in unpaid taxes between 2007 and 2009. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/coca-cola-plans-to-fight-irs-on-unpaid-taxes-claim/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Coca-Cola received recently received a shocker when the federal Internal Revenue Service informed the company that it owed $3.3 billion in taxes,...


What Is Trust Administration?

Trust administration is a proceeding that will allow the distribution of the decedent’s assets or property to the heirs after the death, in place of a probate proceeding. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/what-is-trust-administration/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Setting up a trust can help avoid probate when the trustmaker dies. However, in such cases, the trustees do have a legal obligation to carry out...


Blended Families and Estate Planning Issues

For millions of Americans, a blended family is a fact of life. Estate planning in a situation like this is bound to have additional challenges, but these can be easily met with foresight and wisdom. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/blended-families-and-estate-planning-issues/

www.wbataxlawyer.com According to statistics, as many as 60 percent of Americans are currently on their second marriage. These are people who are much wiser than the...


Estate Planning Tips for a Small Business Owner

When it comes to deciding what to do with your business after you, there are a number of options available for you. Discuss these with a Tampa estate planning lawyer. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/estate-planning-tips-for-a-small-business-owner/

www.wbataxlawyer.com As a small business owner, you have no doubt invested tremendously in your business, not just in terms of money, but also in terms of time, effort...


Report: IRS Violated Official Procedures While Selling Seized Assets

According to a report, released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the Internal Revenue Service has frequently violated its own rules in the sales of assets and properties to recover unpaid taxes by Americans. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/report-irs-violated-official-procedures-while-selling-seized-assets/

www.wbataxlawyer.com The Internal Revenue Service will go after Americans who owe significant unpaid taxes. It will seize properties of these individuals in order to...


Second Marriages Increase Probate Litigation Risks

Any kind of will can be contested, but attorneys often find that when the deceased had a second spouse at the time of the death, there is a much higher chance of probate litigation. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/second-marriages-increase-probate-litigation-risks/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Estate distribution tends to become much more complicated if the deceased was married to a second spouse at the time of the death. Typically, these...


Rapper T.I. Faces Government Action over Unpaid Taxes

When you owe more than $4.5 million in unpaid taxes, you can expect the Internal Revenue Service to come down hard on you. Rapper T.I is facing stringent IRS action due to unpaid taxes. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/rapper-t-i-faces-government-action-over-unpaid-taxes/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is never fun, but when you owe the agency millions of dollars in unpaid taxes, you can expect things to...


Can I Change My Healthcare Directive?

In some cases, persons want to make changes to their healthcare directive, or even change the person they have named as a health care surrogate, after they have already signed the papers. Florida law allows you to do so. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/can-i-change-my-healthcare-directive/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Circumstances change, and you may find that the person that you have designated as your healthcare surrogate, or to whom you have designated your...


Medical Planning for Your Future

Estate planning consists not only of planning for the distribution of financial assets, but also for your health care in the future when you are unable to make healthcare-related decisions. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/medical-planning-for-your-future/

www.wbataxlawyer.com No estate plan is complete without clear instructions defined for your medical care in the future. If you are ever in a position where you're...


How to Choose a Health-Care Surrogate

The responsibility that comes with being a health-care surrogate is a massive one, and you need to choose a person that you can trust and rely on. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/how-to-choose-a-health-care-surrogate/

www.wbataxlawyer.com A health-care surrogate is a person to whom you will designate power of attorney for healthcare in all matters related to your medical care if you...


Can I Name my Doctor As My Health-Care Surrogate?

There are a number of things that you must consider before you designate a person as a health-care surrogate who has the responsibility to make health-care-related decisions for you. It isn’t such a great idea to name your doctor as your health-care surrogate. http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/can-i-name-my-doctor-as-my-health-care-surrogate/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Choosing a health-care surrogate can be difficult for many people. Remember, that your health-care surrogate must be someone who is able to execute...


Probate Process in Tampa

There are ways to avoid paying those hefty probate fees. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/probate-process-in-tampa/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Once a person dies, their property/estate has to be transferred and this is the process known as probate. When there is a will, it is generally...


Durable Power of Attorney in Florida

Who will make your decisions if you become incapacitated? Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/durable-power-of-attorney-in-florida/

www.wbataxlawyer.com A Durable Power of Attorney is one of the most important documents someone can have. In the event that you become incapacitated, you are...


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Planning in Florida

Start making financial and personal care decisions right away after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. It is important to do it while you are still of sound mind. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/alzheimers-and-dementia-planning-in-florida/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Unfortunately, too many families are seeing a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. Medical technology has made it to it can be...


Dishonest Estate Planning Trustees in Tampa

Is the trustee in an estate that you have an interest in, not fulfilling their duties? You may be able to have them removed from their duty. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/dishonest-estate-planning-trustees-in-tampa/

www.wbataxlawyer.com When an individual is named as an estate planning trustee there is a great deal of trust that goes into fulfilling that role and it can be a big...


Charitable Trust Funds in Tampa

Trying to avoid estate taxes? Consider a charitable trust. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/charitable-trust-funds-in-tampa/

www.wbataxlawyer.com When someone has a charitable trust, it means that the beneficiary of their estate is that named charity. The benefits of a charitable trust...


Bare Trust Options in Tampa

Bare trusts can be great options for simplistic trust planning. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/bare-trust-options-in-tampa/

www.wbataxlawyer.com If someone sets up a bare trust, they are allowing the beneficiary to collect the income and the capital of the trust. The income is generated from...


Handling the Probate Process in Florida

If someone you love died and you thought their affairs were in order but they weren’t, do you know what to do? Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/handling-the-probate-process-in-florida/

www.wbataxlawyer.com When it comes time to settle all of the final affairs of a deceased person, what once seemed like it shouldn’t really be that difficult, may turn...


Handling the Decedent’s Bills in Tampa

After a loved one dies and their bills start to pile in, do you know what to do? Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/handling-the-decedents-bills-in-tampa/

www.wbataxlawyer.com When someone that you care about passes away, their debts do not go with them, unfortunately. It is very important to have a full understanding of...


Challenging a Will in Florida

Contact an attorney that specializes in estate planning law to challenge a will. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/challenging-a-will-in-florida/

www.wbataxlawyer.com If someone dies and you decide you should challenge their will, there are some things you should be made aware of before you decide. The first...


Protecting your Assets in Trust in Florida

A probate-avoidance trust cannot protect your estate from creditors but there are others that can. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/protecting-your-assets-in-trust-in-florida/

www.wbataxlawyer.com People who decide to create a trust usually do so because they want to make sure they safeguard all of their assets, such as money and property so...


Life Insurance or Trust in Florida

You can opt for an irrevocable life insurance trust instead of a life insurance policy to save loads of money. Read more: http://www.wbataxlawyer.com/life-insurance-or-trust-in-florida/

www.wbataxlawyer.com Will your money from a life insurance policy have to go through probate depends on who is named as the beneficiary of the money. When insurance...

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