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Having Kids Is Terrible for Women’s Earning Power

Is motherhood the reason for the gender pay gap? Bloomberg says yes: Bloomberg’s The Pay Check returns for an in-depth look at how motherhood explains so much of the $28 trillion global gender-pay gap

5 Trends Women Business Owners Need To Know Right Now

Forbes identifies 5 new trends relevant to women business owners @ We all need to keep up with market shifts and industry changes to stay out in front of our competition. We need to know what really matters today and act on it. There are five trends women business owners should embrace ASAP to stay current and keep winning the day.

Just 10 Minutes of Exercise a Week May Be Enough to Extend Your Life, Study Says

A new study suggests just 10 minutes of exercise a week could extend your life. More @ But more is better

Why Older Millennials Need To Start Taking Life Insurance Seriously

As Forbes recognizes, life insurance needs to become a priority for older millennials: Millennials are getting older, and need to start thinking about life insurance and estate planning. New FinTechs are looking to attract these users with tech-based solutions.

Women dream big about work and money - Bizwomen

Are more women reaching their financial goals than men? A new study suggests so, reports the Business Journals: An @seniorlivingorg survey reveals women's long-term goals and dreams.

What Business Owners Need To Know About ESG Investing

What is ESG investing? What do small business owners need to know about it? Find out @ Forbes: Disregard for ESG matters affects not just natural resources, economic security and insurance premiums, but ultimately companies’ bottom lines.

Retirees, Get Tech Savvy for the Grandkids

Are you fairly tech-savvy? explains the value of developing digital connections with grandkids: Communicating through new tech tools is a lot more fun than the obligatory phone calls of yore.

Moving to One of These Cities Can Save Retirees at Least $10K

Could you save $10K in retirement by moving to certain cities? Yahoo! Finance reports on a study that says yes: See where the cost of living is well below the national average.

The Best Trips to Take in Your 50s

What are the best vacations you can take in your fifties? Travel + Leisure has some ideas for you @ Baby Boomers will take four to five trips a year, about half to “relax and rejuvenate” and half to “get away from everyday life.” When visiting international destinations, they want to interact and tour with locals, dine on authentic foods, and enjoy cultural experiences. There are many ways...

Women are diagnosed years later than men for same diseases, Danish study finds

Are women being diagnosed for diseases years later than men? NBC News reports on a new study raising questions. The study of 6.9 million people found that the same conditions were recognized in men when they were about four years younger than the age at which women were diagnosed.

Major Milestone: Digital Ad Spending Will Pass Non-Digital This Year

As Forbes reports, digital ad spending is forecast to surpass print ad spending this year: In 2019, advertisers will allocate more dollars to digital than traditional advertising like TV and newspapers, a first. Amazon is one of many digital companies that will benefit.

Women must keep finding ways to avoid the 'money FOG'

A CNBC article says women must cut through the money FOG. What does that mean? Click here: Money "FOG" — fear, obligation, guilt — blocks healthy views on money. It slows the progress needed to grow, keep and distribute wealth key for supporting the life a woman desires for herself as well as for those whom she loves and supports.

What Business Owners Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Forbes covers what small business owners need to know about digital marketing: Digital marketing is no longer the wild west.

Protein shakes don't count: Why older adults should eat real food

Aging well also means eating right. NBC News notes why protein-rich foods matter for seniors: Older adults need to eat more protein-rich foods when they’re trying sick or to lose weight, experts recommend.

What is 'backstopping' in golf and why is it creating a huge controversy?

USA TODAY looks at the backstopping controversy in pro golf. Should this cagey move be outlawed? Players are taking advantage of a golf rules loophole.

The Problems With Do-It-Yourself Online Wills

Do-it-yourself wills can lead to estate planning problems. NextAvenue notes why @ These documents could save money, but can lay estate planning traps

3 Reasons Women Need to Plan Carefully for Social Security -- The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool notes why women want to carefully consider when to claim Social Security: Millions of seniors depend on Social Security -- but women might be especially reliant on those benefits.

Add These Gadgets To Your Kitchen To Make Health Cooking Fun And Easy

Forbes has an article on some fun kitchen gadgets designed to make healthy cooking easy: 77% of Americans report preferring a home cooked meal to a restaurant, so why not make that home cooking easier and healthier with the help of some tech?

6 Reasons Why You Should Have An Estate Plan

Forbes presents 6 good reasons to have an estate plan: While you may think that only the ultra-wealthy need an estate plan, anyone—regardless of age, marital status or net worth—can benefit from having a plan in place if the unexpected happens. Here are six reasons why you should have an estate plan at any stage of life.

More older women are returning to work, rebuilding savings and a professional identity

USA TODAY reports that more women over 50 are working, and looks at the reasons why and the challenges: The best job market in half a century has been a boon for older women going back to work, typically after raising kids for nearly 20 years

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8 IRS Tax Penalties to Avoid in 2019 -- The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool identifies 8 federal tax penalties to avoid this year @ Don't get snared by these hefty extra taxes from the IRS.

Buying Term Life Insurance Buys Peace of Mind

Why do so many young families buy term life insurance? This Forbes post notes the reasons: Every family with children should have life insurance, but it's often overlooked because people think it costs too much. Here are all the reasons it's worth buying even if you end up living to a ripe old age.

Your Company Needs a Better Retention Plan for Working Parents

A Harvard Business Review article notes why more companies need to recognize the needs of working parents: If your policies don’t accommodate their needs, they’ll go elsewhere.

Don't dismiss life insurance as too pricey. Here's how to pick a plan

Life insurance is often cheaper than most people think, especially term life. Read this USA TODAY article: Knowing how companies price life insurance is key. Rates boil down to age, health, type and term, desired payout, gender and lifestyle.

Study shows modern golf swing causing more back injuries to players, and at younger ages - Golf Digest

Does the modern golf swing invite back problems? Golf Digest considers that possibility @ According to a new study, Tiger Woods' back injuries—and injuries of other modern golfers—are caused by this elementary notion.

Golf's new rules, what they mean and how they change the game

ESPN looks at how the new golf rules are changing the game: The rules of golf have changed, causing some confusion that likely won't go away anytime soon. So here's a helpful guide to understanding it all.

What Types of Insurance Do You Need? -- The Motley Fool

What types of insurance do you need? This Motley Fool lists 9 crucial kinds of coverage @ There are all kinds of insurance to protect you from bumps in the road. But what kinds of policies should you absolutely have?

How parents talk about money differently to their sons and daughters

Do parents talk about money differently to their sons and daughters? Fast Company makes that assertion: Girls are taught to save their money, while boys are taught how to build their wealth.

3 Financial Mistakes People Make When They Retire -- The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool pinpoints 3 financial tendencies to avoid in early retirement: Retirement is not without financial risk -- and most of the setbacks people face when they retire are self-inflicted.

Why Some Retirees Go Back to School at 65

U.S. News looks at the merits of taking low-cost college classes in retirement @: Taking classes keeps your mind sharp, helps you network and may even be free.

These Are The Most Common Travel Insurance Mistakes

A Forbes article notes the most common travel insurance claim mistakes: It's peak season for travel insurance claims, a time of year when vacationers are sending their reimbursement requests for their year-end holiday getaways. If you're one of the unlucky travelers who are about to file a claim, be careful to not make one of several common travel insurance mistakes.

Your Guide to Working While on Social Security -- The Motley Fool

Planning to work while you receive monthly Social Security payments? Be sure to read this Motley Fool article: Many people remain employed while claiming Social Security. Here's how to avoid those pesky benefit reductions.

What Is a SEP IRA -- The Motley Fool

A SEP IRA may be the simplest retirement plan you can create for your business. The Motley Fool explains why: SEP IRAs are about as simple as employer-sponsored retirement plans get.

What To Do After You've Purchased A Life Insurance Policy

What are the next steps after you buy a life insurance policy? Read this Forbes article: Many factors go into purchasing a life insurance policy that suits your needs. And, like any part of your overall financial plan, your insurance program doesn’t end once you’ve decided on a policy and purchased it.

Getting the Diabetes Care You Need on a High-Deductible Plan

U.S. News looks at managing diabetes when you are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan: Significant upfront costs may impact one’s ability to manage the chronic condition.

What To Do After You've Purchased A Life Insurance Policy

After you buy a life insurance policy, some decisions follow. This Forbes post offers some insight. Many factors go into purchasing a life insurance policy that suits your needs. And, like any part of your overall financial plan, your insurance program doesn’t end once you’ve decided on a policy and purchased it.

Scams cheat older Americans out of almost $3 billion a year. Here's what to watch for

This CNBC article identifies the top 10 scams that cheat seniors out of their savings. Be vigilant. Seniors lose an estimated $2.9 billion annually due to financial exploitation, according to the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging.

Here's the trickiest IRA tax trap retirees need to avoid

CBS Moneywatch points out a tricky IRA tax trap retirees need to avoid:

The rules for annual required minimum distributions can hit you with investment losses if you aren't careful

Drivers in these states could see the biggest discount on car insurance if they switched

USA TODAY identifies the states where switching auto insurance could save you the most @ You really can save hundreds of dollars by switching your car insurance. How much you can save depends on where you live, according to a new study.

Want to Retire Early? Handle These 3 Hurdles First -- The Motley Fool

Do you want to retire early? If you do, read this Motley Fool piece which notes 3 key issues to keep in mind. It's critical to address these issues before you leave work for good.

How long will my retirement savings last? Understanding the 4% rule

Ladders gives you a quick look at the 4% rule for retirement income. Is it still valid? If you stick to a pre-determined withdrawal amount, it can provide a level of confidence that your portfolio will support you at least 30 years.

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Here's a simple formula that will help improve your practice sessions - Golf

Golf presents a simple formula to improve your driving range sessions: Struggling to take your game from the range to the course? An easy formula can fix that problem.

Exercise Wins: Fit Seniors Can Have Hearts That Look 30 Years Younger

Want to feel younger and stronger? Lifelong exercise seems to sustain heart and muscle health, NPR reports: Why develop an exercise habit now? Because 75-year-olds who've been doing it for decades may have the cardiovascular systems of people in their 40s and the muscles of 20-somethings, researchers found.

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