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Legacy Insurance Advisors a fully independent, client-centered organization that represents multiple companies in every line of insurance. Check out our Podcast! @upperroomatlegacy

We are a fully independent, client-centered organization that represents multiple companies in nearly every line of insurance. If you desire a real career where you can take ownership of your financial destination and desire to educate and empower people on what their insurance rights and options are in an ever-changing benefits environment, Legacy Insurance Advisors is the answer. Legacy Insurance Advisors is committed to providing our representatives with the tools and training they need to succeed in the insurance industry. Through innovative marketing strategies and strong home office support, Legacy Insurance Advisors can give you the edge you are looking for in today’s competitive sales environment. Legacy Insurance Advisors is headquartered in Tulsa, OK. The Tulsa branch office is located at: 1401 S Cheyenne Tulsa, OK 74119 The Wisconsin branch office is located at: 2620 S Packerland Drive Green Bay, WI 54313

Mission: At Legacy Insurance Advisors, our goal and promise is to provide you with simple solutions and uncommon service in an ever-changing insurance environment. Our agents, managers, and staff are committed to educating and empowering you, the policyholders. We will provide guidance and expertise while managing your risk. Because of Legacy Insurance Advisors’ access to multiple providers in almost all lines of insurance, we will customize plans to fit your wants and needs.

Top Ten Truths Learned While On Lockdown

Episode 73
Hope you are all doing well! As America gets ready to open back up and the nationwide lockdown restrictions begin to ease we have put together a top ten list about truths and lessons we've learned over the past month. Thanks for listening!

Phases of Business & Work-Life Harmony

Episode 72: Phases of Business & Work-Life Harmony

Today's episode is round two with Kyna Leyva from CCK. In this episode we discuss properly strategizing throughout the different phases of business and promoting healthy work-life harmony.


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Interview With Kyna Leyva- Partner With CCK Strategies

Today we sit down with Kyna Leyva with CCK Strategies. In it she talks about the importance of relying on your own confidence and displaying your authentic self in business. We love putting successful women on a pedestal and Kyna deserves the spotlight for her optimism and desire to deliver excellence in every area and every person she impacts. #Podcast #Legacy #Women

[04/06/20]   We hope you and your loved ones are heathy and safe. It's certainly an unprecedented time in our history. The last few weeks have been filled with anxiety, concern and fear. These times often reveal a lot about ourselves, our businesses, our plans and our strength. What can be learned from these times? In this episode Jason and I discuss the importance of taking stock of what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong and how critical it is that you know how to do some things differently the next time. Be safe and thanks for listening.

[03/09/20]   Are you a creator or a parasite? In today's episode we discuss a little about succeeding in our local market and how it brings copy cats around. Our competitors think its superficial advantages that lead to our success and stability as an agency and we've seen them make moves to use similar lipstick. Don't be a parasite. Know how to imitate the right processes and behaviors but don't steal other people's creative as if it's your own.

Bridgett and some of her team members are getting it done today at the Centennial Health Expo! 😎

[03/02/20]   What's up everyone!
Today's episode discusses the challenge that many face with anxiety in their business. In it we encourage you to take your focus off of what you can't control and how redirecting it to processes that drive you in a positive direction will help you achieve success and happiness.

[02/24/20]   In today's episode Jason, Russ & Melissa discuss how selfishness destroys relationships in business and ultimately leads to the destruction of any so-called leader. If your aim is to leave people in better shape that what you found them in you're pointed toward success. The old saying is true- The secret to getting what you want is to simply help enough people get what they want.

[02/17/20]   "Medicare For All" is a big topic these days and everyone has an opinion. We figured we ought to weigh in a little on the subject since we actually deal with Medicare day in and day out. So since we work in the Medicare space and we also throw together a podcast you can consider us the definitive authority on the subject :P


7 Reasons the Average Person Needs an Insurance Agent | ThinkAdvisor

thinkadvisor.com Here are some selling points for what you see in the mirror.

[02/10/20]   What's up everyone! Yes, you have. Just admit it. Whatever arbitrary goal you set out to accomplish at the first of the year has already been compromised. But that's ok. Commit now to a new process and introduce a level of accountability in your life and you'll be back on track. It's only February.
Thanks for listening!

Eat Your Lima Beans First

Hello Podcast! We all have stuff in our lives and in business that demand to be done and we hate doing it. These things often pile up on us and end up stealing a lot more of our time. Today we discuss the importance of tackling these things up front in order to create more time and space for doing the things you enjoy doing.

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[01/31/20]   We had a post AEP recap meeting with UHC today. Seven of the eleven agents invited to take part were with Legacy 😎
Our agency’s sales made up nearly 50% of UHC’s net growth in NE Oklahoma. Very proud to work with these great people!

Upper Room At Legacy

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Having Confidence

Today we have a chat on the importance of being confident. Think of the things you'd like to achieve in life and realize that you haven't simply because you lack the confidence to attempt it...
1. Build repetition into your process
2. See that YOU have value within yourself
3. Include a personal reward system for celebrating your successes.

Be confident & have a great week!

[01/24/20]   Hi everyone! Our podcast has been out for a few months now and we've received some feedback (we love hearing from you all BTW). This is a quickie that we wanted to put out to address a common theme that is apparent in several pieces of feedback that we've read or heard. Rome wasn't built in a day. Progress and improvement manifests over time as long as consistent dedicated application exists. Keep calm and Train On.

[01/20/20]   What's up podcast! Executing a large scale campaign like AEP always leads to some R&R to close out another successful year. Yes, many of us go into hibernation mid-December and emerge some time in January. In today's episode Russ and Melissa reflect on some of the things that made this past AEP such a success for all of our agents. Hit the subscribe button for regular episode updates! Thanks for listening!

[01/13/20]   Happy New Year! 2020 is set to be another awesome year here at Legacy. We've taken a bit of a break from the routine pod drops but we're planning on getting back into a regular schedule soon. Thank you for listening! We hope you are encouraged and uplifted by our show. Here's a quick release to get things rolling.

Christmas Party 2019

Christmas Party 2019

[11/11/19]   Hey Podcast!
It's been about a month since our last release. We've been a tad bit busy being that it's AEP and all. We've been writing lots of business and have had zero time to be all together at the office to record. I was inspired to release this quick raw take on the heels of a couple of conversations I had in the last week with agents. If you're in the business hopefully this helps you. If you're not in the business lets change that. Go get your license and give us a shout. We'll get you plugged in and closing business.

Take care and thanks for listening!

Janet Phipps-Legacy Insurance Advisors

Annual Enrollment Season is here 💯💯
Stepping out of my comfort zone to educate, empower and inform people to make the best Medicare choices for themselves!!
#dontsleepitgoesfast⏰ #icanhelp✅#options👏🏻

[10/07/19]   Hey everyone!

So, yeah, we've been kinda busy with the lead up to AEP, training agents, getting our agency's marketing stuff for the fall all lined out.

But we wanted to put an episode out. This fall we'll be less consistent than we've been due to the chaos of the selling season. But we promise we're not going away!
Today's episode is all about competition. Healthy vs. unhealthy and why you gotta be at least one of those :)
Have a great Monday!

#AEP training under way. Big opportunities for 2020!

[09/13/19]   Episode 57: Cross Selling #2
Today's episode is about cross selling- or better yet conviction selling or cross solutions.... Whatever you decide to call it just make sure you're doing it. In this episode we talk about the disservice agents do to their clients by not offering other products to fill in gaps and meet other needs. We also want to challenge you to not even consider calling your new clients "clients" until you've at least attempted to uncover and reveal other needs that have had product solutions offered against.


[09/11/19]   Episode 56
The F Word That Kills Careers

Today's episode is about another word that is tossed around and used by many people and it's absolutely deadly. Jason and I have a discussion over the use of this word and encourage you to change your mindset. Life's not fair but you CAN do hard things. It's worth it.
Thanks for listening!

[09/09/19]   Legacy In The Raw #5: Medicare & VA
Yes, we actually do run a real business and unfortunately sometimes our regularly scheduled podcast recordings get bumped for more important things like training new agents and getting them prepared to have a successful AEP.
That being said- the show must go on. Today's episode is a short clip from the current training class where some nuanced info specifically surrounding Medicare beneficiaries who have VA and enrolling them into MA plans. There's more to it all than meets the eye and what you might have understood.

[09/06/19]   Episode 54
Legacy In The Raw #4: Sidebar Real Talk During New Agent Training

Things are heating up! It's September and every day that goes by is a day closer to the bonanza called AEP. Today's episode is some raw audio from a side bar conversation that took place between me and a new agent (shout out to Amanda!). In it we discuss the edge we give agents who work with Legacy by being a source of knowledge and experience, closing Medicare business and how being nothing more than a professional prospector is the ultimate game one plays in this business and how winning that game leads to winning in insurance sales.
Thanks for listening!

[09/04/19]   In today's episode we sit down with Shannon Hare and discuss the value that real estate agents bring to the home buying and selling processes. Technology has helped bring information to consumers faster and easier but with the convenience comes confusion and misinformation. Agents are still relevant and they do more than what one might see on the surface.

If you'd like to work with an awesome experienced real estate agent contact Shannon Hare.
[email protected]
We hope you enjoy today's episode!


16 new restaurants are coming to Tulsa: Find out when they open


tulsaworld.com Tulsa is lucky to have a restaurant scene that is growing like never before.

Jack Schroeder and Associates, LLC

With AEP right around the corner you NEED to know how to proficiently utilize the major carrier’s enrollment tools. Join us today at 3:00pm CDT for our Product Insight Thursday that will demonstrate how to successfully use UHC’s Enrollment Tools. http://ow.ly/E7X550vN0Iq #ProductInsightThursday #unitedhealthcare #UHC #AEP

[08/30/19]   If you don't know who you are you'll never really know what you want. In today's episode Jason and I discuss our thoughts on choosing a career. Many people who aren't quite sure who they are feel pressured to pursue paths and directions in life that they aren't made for. Truly knowing yourself is the first step in the process of moving toward a long lasting and fulfilling career.

[08/28/19]   There are words and phrases that seem to be universally accepted in popular culture that have crept into the business world and can have devastating impacts on success. Today's word is insidious and you might even have a positive connection to it. In this episode we explore our belief that this word is deadly to commitment, effort and long term success.

[08/26/19]   In today's episode we talk about life insurance and the misconception of it's many uses. The government wants you to know more about qualified money not tax advantage strategies to save money. That's why they're not talking about this. There are many more uses for life insurance that go way beyond a death benefit in exchange for a premium. More people need to be made aware of it because it can be a tool for nearly everyone.

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Top Ten Truths Learned While On Lockdown
Phases of Business & Work-Life Harmony
Interview With Kyna Leyva- Partner With CCK Strategies
Eat Your Lima Beans First
Having Confidence
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Finishing The Day
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