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My Team & I are proud to be providing State Farm Insurance to the great residents of Warrenton, VA and its surrounding Areas!

Mission: The Carmen Rivera State Farm Insurance Agency is here to help the members of our community manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams. We will Always provide exceptional, personalized and caring customer service!

During difficult and uncertain times, it's important to still feel connected. That's why I'll be participating in a State Farm virtual spirit week on social media! Be on the lookout for fun photos from our virtual food day, pajama day, my current workspace and more!

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Happy Monday and happy Virginia Restaurant Takeout Week! Planning out your meals for the week? Check out which of your favorite local spots are open and offering takeout ➡️ Share a photo of your dinner, craft beer or wine and use the hashtag #VirginiaEatsLocal. 🙌

Don’t want to order takeout? Grab an online gift card to continue to support your local industry.

[03/28/20]   In Lieu of this Saturday’s “Small Business Spotlight”, we want to showcase all the Amazing things our local Small Businesses have been doing to keep their operations going. I have been so impressed with the generosity of many businesses’ “Sharing & Caring”, the “Out-of-the-Box” Ideas and the flexibility of business owners to adjust their normal “Day-to-Day” schedules to keep their employees working. Please share your photos, comments and ideas below to inspire each other and to share your New Normal😊.
Make sure to Tag Your Business so we can promote your services!! Stay Safe❤️!

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If you need assistance, please call or text us at (540)347-1566.

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Blood drives are being canceled at an alarming rate due to COVID-19. If you're healthy, consider scheduling an appointment with the American Red Cross to donate blood and help keep the supply stable. Blood donors report feeling a sense of great satisfaction after making their blood donation. Why? Because helping others in need just feels good. Donate blood today to help those in need.

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For my customers experiencing financial strain due to COVID-19 and needing to discuss your policies or accounts, please reach out to my office. I'm available to connect virtually by phone or email.

If you need help paying your State Farm Bank® loan, call 1-877-SF4-BANK.

[03/21/20]   “Saturday’s SMALL BUSINESS Spotlight”
In lieu of our regularly schedule Small Business Spotlight, this Saturday we wanted to share the following resources to help our local Small Businesses get through this unprecedented time. We are in this together and please know we are here to help. No question is unimportant so please call us at 540-347-1566. We here at Carmen Rivera State Farm will use all our resources to help your business continue during these temporary closures.

1) COVID 19 Business Resources Page:
2) Micro Enterprise Council Blog Page:

1) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources:
2) Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program:
3) Guidance for Businesses and Employers -
a. The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for Americans:
b. CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers:
c. FEMA’s Emergency Planning Guidance:
d. SBA Loan Programs:

1) Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center:
2) Procurement Technical Assistance Center:
3) Women's Business Center at Community Business Partnership:

Now is the time to contact your insurance agent to review your policy to understand precisely what you are and are not covered for during this event.

We hope this information will be helpful to the many small businesses in our community and we implore you to reach out for assistance! Our community is an amazing place and we all have to come together to make it through this together. Again if you have any questions please feel free to contact us for guidance. Stay safe and remember Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is There!

From the 1930s-1970s, State Farm policies were stitched together with sewing machines. What a creative way to get the job done faster for customers! #Throwback #FromTheArchives

The Fauquier County Public Schools

Given the rapidly evolving situation with the COVID-19 virus, Fauquier County Public Schools will remain closed through Monday, April 13, 2020. All school activities are also canceled. School buildings and administrative offices will remain closed to the public.

My team and I wish you a fun, safe and lucky St. Patrick’s Day! Who's wearing green today?

State Farm and my Team are committed to the health and safety of our community.
Therefore, due to the latest reports regarding COVID-19 and our efforts to implement precautionary steps, our office will be Temporarily Closed to Walk-in business until further notice. We will be OPEN for business by PHONE and EMAIL. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, we want to do everything possible to help protect YOU and YOUR FAMILIES during this unique time. Thank you so much for your business and for your understanding!

Connect with us 24/7 by
Call/Text: (540)347-1566
Email: [email protected]
Claims: (855)259-8568

The Fauquier County Public Schools

FCPS school buildings will be open from 9 a.m. to noon tomorrow, Monday, March 16, for students who need to retrieve personal belongings or textbooks.

We will send families an email tomorrow to clarify how students can expect to access supplemental learning materials if they have not received instructional packets yet from their schools. The email will also include how these resources can help students stay connected to learning while our schools are closed.

Additionally, we have extended the grade due date for teachers to finalize grading and grades for the third 9 weeks. We will send out the new report card distribution date later in the week.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this process. Please consult the FCPS website at for more information.


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“Saturday’s SMALL BUSINESS Spotlight,” is here once again!
Do you like to have fun? Do you like great people? Well, guess what Warrenton you have a place that has both right here in town! Let me introduce you to our featured local business, THE GAME STORE, where their mission is games!

At The Game Store you can find games of all types! They have board-games, card games, war games/miniatures, role playing manuals and accessories. Plus, they have tons of beautiful play space all for free and if you would rather have something a little more private; they have amazing private play area for rent with just the right atmosphere for your weekly Dungeon & Dragons night! They even have events of all sorts that help support your interest in several games like Friday Night Magic, board-game meet ups, miniature painting, and many more. The fun is even too much to contain at their own store, so much so they even partner with two local breweries to host game nights at the Barking Rose and Tucked Away Brewing, now that sounds like a wonderful partnership to me! I, Richard Stewart, Carmen Rivera State Farm's Business Insurance Lead, had the pleasure of sitting down with not one Simpson but TWO, Randi and Brad Simpson, the owners of The Game Store.

What inspired you to open The Game Store?
Randi-It was absolutely a crazy happen stance. Brad had just recently lost his longtime job and was contemplating a career change when I saw The Game Store was for sale on Facebook! Just two weeks later we owned a game store!
Brad-I joke that I bought a job, but unquestionably this was a dream come true. You know when you are hanging out with your buddies at the bar and all of them are talking about how one day they would love to open a bar of their own? Well, I would regularly say I’m going to open a game store of my own.
Randi-The timing was perfect!

What would you say sets you apart from other game stores?
Brad-Our community hands down. They are just so embracing and love to teach new people about whatever game they are playing. We are actually more than just a game store, we truly have a community center feel that I love and encourage. We have a library of games available for people to come and play for free, or you can even come in with your own games from home. I love playing match maker, someone will ask me a question about a game and I will see a customer I know is into that style of game and introduce them to each other! It really helps to grow the hobby and our community we have in the store.
Randi-We have a lot of great play space as well and its not just folding tables. We are even working with a local business, Virginia Woodcrafters, to upgrade our war game tables and we can’t wait for everyone to see them! We are just constantly trying to improve. We are also huge supporters of local artists and carrying some of their product in our store like painted miniatures, jewelry, and paintings.

What is another business that inspired you?
Brad-My friendly local game store growing up called The Days of Knights in Newark, Delaware. The owners are just amazing people who were always welcoming to everyone, and I learned so much from them in how they ran their business for the last 35 years.

What is the best advice you could someone starting their own business?
Randi-Make certain it is something you love! You also need to be open to making adjustments or you won’t grow with what your customers' needs are.
Brad-You have to take all feedback, even the negative ones. Listen to your customers!

What is your stores signature? What makes people keep coming back for more The Game Store?
Brad-We are a place for friends and families! People are constantly making new friends at our store, and we take pride in that we have given them a place where people can make those connections.

So what is a fun fact you can give me about The Game Store?
Randi-Brad and I met and fell in love through gaming! I guess that's why we want to make our store more than just a retail space, but a place for people with similar interests to meet and have fun.

Thank you once again for joining us as we visited with Randi and Brad Simpson! If you love to have fun or are a lover of games and want to meet people who also love games, stop by and play a few rounds at your friendly local THE GAME STORE! Make sure to say hi to Brad (He’s the one with the blue hair) and Randi so they can introduce you to a new friend and who knows maybe even your future significant other! Hey, it happened for them! Let them know Richard from State Farm sent you. Stay safe and remember Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is There!

The Fauquier County Public Schools

Governor Northam today ordered all schools in Virginia to close for a minimum of two weeks in response to the continued spread of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Therefore, beginning Monday, March 16 and through Friday, March 27, all Fauquier County Public Schools will be closed. Beginning Monday, all activities will also be canceled. Essential staff should report Monday morning at 8 a.m. for further instructions.

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“Saturday’s SMALL BUSINESS Spotlight,” is here!
So today we are trying something new that we think you all will enjoy. With our 5th spotlight we are going with a Non-Profit, The FAUQUIER COMMUNITY FOOD BANK and THRIFT STORE!

Non-Profits do so many marvelous works all around the world and I wanted to point one out right here in our neighborhood that is making a tremendous impact for food-insecure (lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food) people. If you haven't heard of this term, don't worry I hadn't either until I met with Executive Director Sharon Ames who let me tell you, has a heart of gold and a wealth of knowledge. Now join me, Richard Stewart, Carmen Rivera State Farm's Business Insurance Lead, as I get a tour of and an education about The FAUQUIER COMMUNITY FOOD BANK and THRIFT STORE.

How did you come to be a part of the Food Bank?
I had retired from Family Dollar after 30 years and wasn’t long into retirement before I recognized I hated sitting around. I visited the Fauquier Community Thrift Store when it was just a thrift store in January 2010 and decided to volunteer, and 4 months later I was managing it! 2012 we became a 501c3 non-profit and in 2013 we added the food bank to make us what we are today serving Fauquier County's food-insecure population and loving every minute.

What are some other non-profits that inspire you?
I genuinely respect and admire the Fauquier SPCA. I have learned so much from them when it comes to the field of non-profits, and I certainly appreciate what they do for the animals, but also the owners of those animals. There are many individuals out there that will not fill their medicine prescriptions, but choose instead to spend that money on feeding their fur children. Fauquier SPCA just really makes an impact in the lives of so many people we work with that I can't say enough positive things about them.

What is the best advice you would give a new non-profit?
Know your town, locality, community, the people you will serve and know what they require! (Sounds very comparable to small business advice) You need to gain the trust of the people you are trying to help. People who need help tend to avoid asking for or accepting help out of pride, so they need to trust you enough to open. Remember, it can be anybody! The person you sit next to at church every Sunday, your neighbor, your coworker you have worked with the previous 20 years, literally anyone.

What makes you the proudest about the Fauquier Food Bank?
We're not the food police and I make certain everyone knows I will feed anyone that needs it no matter what. If they need food, I will get it to them. We will feed YOU! We have done an amazing job building that trust with our community and breaking down those barriers that pride can cause, but this didn’t materialize overnight. It takes hard work and compassion!

What does this community mean to you?
The people here are just so friendly and welcoming to everybody. It’s also a wonderfully diverse community and the people that call it home are getting better and better each year at reaching out to help people that are in need. Plus, it’s the place that my grandsons call home, so I want it to be the best that it can be!

What are some ways that people can support the food bank?
MONEY! Every dollar we get donated buys me 4 dollars in food for the food bank. If you’re not able to donate money, we take ALL types of food. Of course we constantly need volunteers. We presently have about 20 regular volunteers, but we could always use more. Our volunteers are incredible and are so committed to making us a success!

What would you say sets your food bank apart from others?
We are a self-serve pantry. You get a cart and YOU decide what is right for your family. We don't just hand you a prepackaged box and send you on your way. We want people to feel like this is your local small grocery store, and we like to think we have achieved that. We feed anywhere from 30 to 65 families a day!
Plus, we have such great partnerships with businesses in our community. We receive food weekly from Food Lion, Giant, Great Harvest, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Sheetz, Walmart, Wawa, Longhorn, and Little Ceaser’s. Yes, you can indeed get pizza from us, because you know what everyone deserves to have some pizza every once in a while!

So I ask this of everyone and you all are no different, what is a fun fact about the Fauquier Community Food Bank and Thrift Store?
We have fun, because we are making people happy! It’s a fun fact because it’s a fact and we are having fun doing it!

Thank you for accompanying us on our first non-profit spotlight and thank you to Sharon for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give us a little peak of The FAUQUIER COMMUNITY FOOD BANK and THRIFT STORE. After talking with Sharon, Carmen Rivera State Farm wanted to help however we could so we will start collecting any food items at our office to begin regular drop offs at the food bank. So if you are in our office to make a payment or getting a quote, you'll also now be able to serve your community by donating to the food bank all in one spot! Stay safe and remember Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is There!

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