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[10/01/20]   In retirement.. Some notice to keep you safe. We are in the most dangerous time of year for deer collisions. Be aware of your surroundings as you drive. Bikers: We have many Beautiful, Dry, Sunny Days left this Fall. Be mindful of curves that may have wet leaves all over the road. You'll be leaning into the turn, before you realize the isolated, slick condition. Have a great Fall ! Be safe. Be well.

2023 Cadillac Pricing Will Start Under $60,000

Electric looking Caddie..& electric operating, too The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq promises Tesla-like range and technology, and it will be available for less than $60,000, according to a new report.

[06/23/20]   Let me save your life. Always have an escape plan. All members of your household should know in advance how to get out of the house in an emergency. In a fire, everyone should crawl to cut down on smoke inhalation. If you are on a higher floor, you made need a chain ladder, stored under a bed(s) to throw over a window sill to escape. Some people rightfully fear jumping..thinking help will come soon..and NEVER get out. Have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms with up to date batteries. Have fire extinguishers on all floors. I hope no problems ever befall you this way...but preparation can prevent a lot of tragedies. Just a message from me in retirement. Be well. BE SAFE.

[02/18/20]   In retirement from my Insurance Agency.....For Woodbridge Residents...I referred my clients to K & W Auto Body..They took very good care of my clientele. If you go there now, you can still ask for owner Jim Wickins and tell him you are a referral from Bill Lytell..He always went the extra mile for my people.

[12/23/19]   ALLOW ME TO SAVE YOUR LIFE...In retirement, I share this alert
Pedestrian DEATHS continue to climb ! We have texting and driving, and that distraction is increasing. Drivers are distracted and so are walkers. Distracted drivers are now rated more dangerous than drunk drivers. AND, a new study rated the Worst State for Texting and Driving ? Wait for it...Virginia !!!

[11/02/19]   In Retirement, some info. ZOMBIE Apocalypse ! You've seen the commercial for a warranty company? People were covered on the Zombies, but not on the A/C. IT's TRUE !! Your Homeowner Policy is protection from perils, not a maintenance contract or warranty. You have coverage for Civil Commotion, which should include the Zombie Apocalypse... but if your A/C dies, not by a Power Surge/Lightening strike/Weight of Snow, or other PERILS... probably not. Keep up your Termite Protection. Buy the Coverage from your Utility on the pipes between the house and street. And if you want the benefits of a Warranty, you will need to buy one. Perils-Homeowner Policy. Maintenance- Warranty.

[09/25/19]   Most people have generic Homeowner Policies. Your Home is unique. Your coverage should be unique too. In retirement, I encourage you to review your coverage needs. Take into consideration your jewelry, sports equipment, cameras, fine arts, musical instruments, and other expensive possessions. They may require an appraisal to establish its value, and assure your ability to replace it. In many cases, this coverage on specific items is worldwide and all risk. Please review your situation to avoid heartache. Bill

Yesterday, I had Frank
( BrakeMaster-Mobile LLC ) replace the brakes' rotors and pads, and flush the system on my cherished SSR. I was very impressed with his time and attention to detail. He has created a Fan. I would recommend him to my nearby friends. 703 626 9952
He was able to do it all in my garage. Can't beat the convenience, and his pricing is outstanding. Thanks, Frank.

[04/22/19]   ALLOW ME TO SAVE YOUR LIFE... or you from taking some one else's. For decades before I retired, I warned my clients that driving late on Friday and Saturday, 4 of 10 coming the other way were drunk, will come left of center and hit you head on. Be Aware ! Now we have texting and driving, and that distraction is increasing. You have to add the hours of 7am to 6pm to the previous exposure.. PEDESTRIAN DEATHS ARE JUMPING !!. Drivers are distracted and so are walkers. Distracted drivers are now rated more dangerous than drunk drivers. AND, a new study rated the Worst State for Texting and Driving ? Wait for it...................................Virginia !!!

[04/17/19]   In Retirement : Please allow me to try and SAVE YOUR LIFE !!!

1) Keep your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms working. Your SURVIVAL, in a home disaster, just improved by well over 50% !!!
2) Buy a CHAIN LADDER. In a fire, doorways and stairs can be blocked. People go to their 2nd and 3rd story windows. They fear jumping will break their leg. So they wait for the Fire Department for rescue, and the SMOKE overcomes them. They never get out ( but, I admit, their legs do not get broken ). A chain ladder stores under a bed easily. They are not expensive. There is no DEBATE at the window about jumping. You just hang it over the sill, and out you go. It won't wear out, and you can take it with you when you move away ( because you will STILL BE ALIVE ! ).
3) SEAT BELTS. There are still many people that DON'T wear their seat belts. I hope you are driving with a HELMET on, like bikers do, because, in a collision....You Are Going To Leave The Vehicle... Out the Front, out the Back, or out the Side....... LEADING with your HEAD !!! Picture your vehicle being T-Boned by an errant driver. Picture yourself hanging halfway out of the side window, as your vehicle rolls over you. You are going to make a mess of it....The accident was not your fault... but that is not GOING TO HELP ! Make sure everyone is wearing their belts in your vehicle. You will be better positioned for air bag deployment. It will keep Everybody in the " Cage ", and most likely ALIVE !
You're Welcome. Live on !

[03/25/19]   In Retirement..Some more advice. MANY people, with good driving records, understand the necessity in carrying high Liability limits to protect their assets and income. Carrying high limits on Uninsured Motorist Coverage is extremely important. The likelyhood of a good driver being hit by a poor driver with low Liability Limits is very high. Your protection from that party is that UMC. If you buy an Umbrella Policy, that extends your liability higher, make sure it INCREASES your Uninsured Motorist Coverage TOO. !

[02/26/19]   Let me help you. In traffic, gridlock, there are temptations to make left hand turns that are totally ill advised. Crossing two lanes, when the second far lane is not fully in view. Left hand turns, when it is slick out, and you can't get across as fast as normal, and oncoming traffic can't stop. Left hand turns at lights, when the light is yellow, and oncoming traffic speeds up instead of stopping, or just runs the red. In some cases, it is just safer to make 3 rights instead of that left. AND... maybe you saved your passenger's life.

[02/03/19]   WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN A CAVE ? If you go away and cut off your heat to save money..You may return to a cave complete with stalagmites and stalagtites....After water pipes burst and ceilings collapse, it can be a horrific sight and total destruction inside a home. Keep your thermostat at, at least, 60 degrees..and make sure you have an inventory of your possessions.

[01/07/19]   In Retirement, I reflect on advice I have given clients. Reckless Driving Ticket: I strongly recommend retaining counsel IN THE JURISDICTION that the ticket was issued. This is a Major Conviction. It will affect insurance rates for Three years...Affect getting insurance approval for FIVE years...Can affect employment eligibility on some jobs for Seven years..A Judge will see it in a future traffic case for Eleven years. The cost of counsel varies by area, but competant counsel can be had in this area for $400 to $600. My advice is that expenditure is worth it.

[12/07/18]   There is a higher fire risk at this time of year. You have coverage, that you have paid for, in your contents coverage of your Homeowner Policy. You may never maximize this coverage. Most people create an inventory after the fact from Memory. You will probably only remember about 30% of what you actually possess. Please take the time to video your home. Describe and give costs to large items in your view. At the least, take pictures, of Every Room from 2 different angles. Open drawers, closet doors, kitchen cabinets. Pics in the garage and sheds. You can create an inventory after the fact, and your claims adjuster will see the items and their condition. You will be far more ready to become whole after the loss.

[09/06/18]   In retirement, I urge all homeowners to review their policy coverage for their policy. Look for: 1) Adequate coverage to rebuild your home 2) Adequate Additional Living Expenses, ( with no time limit ) as you may be out of your home, in a total loss, for as long as two years 3) Water / Sewer Back-Up optional coverage 4) Ordinance or Law optional Coverage. Building Codes change. Your home may not be able to be rebuilt as it was. A re-design maybe needed. Architects are very expensive. Lacking this coverage could create a surprise "Deductible" of many 1000's of dollars 5) Have a minimum of $500,000 of Liability and review for an even higher need.

[08/25/18]   CAN I SAVE YOU MONEY ? Cruise Control is your friend. I reviewed many thousands of driving records in my 38 years in insurance. For every one thousand tickets for speeding that I saw...900 were 10-19 mph over...99 were for 20 +..1 in a 1000 was 1-9, and was probably in a residential area....Using cruise control accordingly could spare you a ticket..Remember: the real cost is not at the is on your insurance bill..and every additional ticket costs MORE than the previous ticket... Imagine the pain of getting a ticket for 10 over..when you probably danced at 9 over...ugly ticket..What time did you save ? At what cost ? Court and Insurance can make that minor change in speed very different in dollar costs. Safety improvement. Less paranoia in looking in your rear view mirror. Cruise Control...Believe in it !

[07/27/18]   CAN I SAVE A LIFE ?????
Crash deaths among the Young are are Pedestrian deaths... There are young people NOT wearing seat belts.... IT IS WHAT KEEPS YOU IN THE CAGE ! The forces in an accident will cause you to leave the vehicle.. .........Out the front !!!...Out the side !! Out the back !!! Leading with your head. Do you wear a helmet when you ride in a vehicle ? Well if you don't... Buckle up, Buttercup... Pedestrians are walking, looking at their phones... and not seeing what's around them. Crossing streets without looking. Not seeing vehicles jumping curbs. The last thing that goes through their heads ? Their phones. Literally ! In retirement, I still would like to help.

Daily Mail What Did I Just Watch

I had a friend that lost her son this way...'Nuff said....

This is why you should never ride in the back of a pick-up!

[03/15/18]   LATE !!! Yep, late is a mindset that will get you a TICKET or HURT..... Late for work, late for school, late for an event !
Stress !! You will try and make it up on the road. You will take rights on red with no stop. Speeding. Running the light. Passing where you shouldn't pass. WHEN YOU ARE LATE, you will encounter extra traffic, school buses. roadwork, etc.It gets even more exasperating ! It is a combination that can cause disaster. LET ME HELP. You were late when you got in the vehicle. Say it out loud ( even if you are by yourself )-- I'M LATE.. IT IS A DONE DEAL. You have accepted your fate. The traffic, school buses, red lights. roadwork will all STILL be there......BUT, it will not cause more stress... it will become FUNNY... You'll laugh, and say... Go ahead-traffic gods-Pile it on !! AND, you won't get a ticket.... You will not get hurt or hurt someone else.

[01/21/18]   Do you have a $50,000 VIRTUAL DEDUCTIBLE HOMEOWNER POLICY ????
YOU MAY OWN a policy with that, and not know it !!!! .
A large or total loss to your home is devastating. Finding huge HOLES in your Coverage just makes it SO much worse.
You will probably be out of your home 18-24 months.
YES, this is TRUE !! There is an investigation. There is removal of debris. Then there is a probable REDESIGN as building codes have changed. Construction will not start for maybe a year. Actual construction will be 6-12 months.
TWO things that can be SHOCKING . 1) A deficiency in your loss of use coverage. Either by DOLLAR AMOUNT, or by a TIME LIMIT ( that you have to read your policy to discover ). You could be still paying your mortgage on your damaged and unlivable home, while paying rent to keep your family sheltered... Whoa !! THOUSANDS of dollars of surprise expense ! 2) Beyond the cost of re-building your home, if a re-design is needed.ARCHITECTS are very expensive. Do you have Ordinance or Law Coverage on your policy ? BAM !!! THOUSANDS of dollars more !!!
Water back-up coverage ? Earthquake Coverage ? Jewelry and fine Arts Coverage ? Do you have collections, silverware, guns ?
HOMEOWNER POLICIES ARE NOT THE SAME !! DO NOT learn this the hard way, at CLAIM TIME !!!!
This is just to advise you..On retirement, I am just giving education. As Always, Bill

[11/29/17]   Zombie Apocalypse ... You've seen the commercial for a warranty company? People were covered on the Zombies, but not on the A/C. IT's TRUE !! Your Homeowner Policy is protection from perils, not a maintenance contract or warranty. You have coverage for Civil Commotion, which should include the Zombie Apocalypse... but if your A/C dies, not by a power surge/.lightening strike/weight of snow... probably not. Keep up your termite protection. Buy the coverage from your utility on the pipes between the house and street. And if you want the benefits of a warranty, you will need to buy one. Perils-Homeowner Policy.

[11/08/17]   My location is for sale. Prestigious Location
Corner unit, First Floor, Business Condo facing on Ridgefield
Road, 300 yards from Prince William Parkway. Professional Complex 500 yards from the Prince William County Complex. Many upgrades, and a floor plan that features natural light flow, and appears larger that its
1236 Sq. Ft. Under $300K. Paint / Flooring allowance.

[10/27/17]   This, is far and away, the most dangerous time of year for collisions with deer. From an insurance standpoint, a collision with a deer is much better than a collision with an object. Animal collisions fall under comprehensive coverage. All others under collision coverage. Generally, comp deductibles are less, and have no affect on future premiums. SOOOO, if you see a deer, try and stop, but swerving off the road, or left of center can get you far more trouble on insurance. My hope is no one is hurt by an animal collision.... but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Be very careful driving near wooded areas..... especially now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[10/27/17]   This is my Annual Re-Post

CAN I SAVE YOU HEARTACHE THIS WINTER ??? Every winter we get claims, some massive for water damage. #1 BURST PIPE on the pipe within the outside wall. Cut off outside faucets and drain for the winter. DO NOT lower your thermostat below 60 while you are away !!! If your shower pipes are on the outside wall, do not keep glass shower doors closed. #2 Clear leaves from gutters. BLOCKED drains can create ICE DAMS, that back-up water under your shingles and down your inside walls ! #3 DRAIN BACK-UP from just outside the basement door. Leaves can collect over drain. The drain can clog The resulting water coming under the basement door, is considered FLOOD, and is NOT COVERED by a homeowner's insurance policy. #4 SNOW Weight or Melt. After a big snowfall, if you have failed to caulk windows, skylights, a large surprise leak can occur. The snow weight can put more pressure on flashing to cause leaks... OR COLLAPSE. Do not allow large build-ups on the roof of your house, porch, or garage. #5 LOOK at your ceilings ! Any discoloration can indicate a problem has begun. Deal with it right away. Collapsed ceilings are dangerous to your safety, and expanding mold is dangerous to your health. If you find this information to be helpful, " LIKE " us on Facebook. Page through earlier posts, for an education. Better yet, have us review your current coverage. Bill Lytell

Start a daily journal. Include entries for 1) any doctor visits, including mileage 2) any pharmacy visits, including mileage 3) and therapy visits, including mileage 4) any lost wages, sick days, vacation days 5) daily note of any pain or suffering 6) list activities that normally would be performed, that couldn't be .....If an injury is permanent, obtain counsel to negotiate a life long settlement. This journal can help in negotiating any settlement. It documents your actual expenses, and subjective expenses.

[03/31/17]   Today is the day I retire. I have spent eight years as a Bank Officer and thirty eight years as a Nationwide Insurance Agent. It has been my privilege to have helped people and businesses with their financial health. There have been so many friendships made.
It has been a joy to come to the rescue. A joy to interact with families, through good times and bad. I have had so much fun working with with the staff members through the years. I have had the honor and fears of having to meet a payroll, that only the self employed know. Growing up all over the United States and Europe, I longed to have roots in a community. My arrival in Woodbridge was in 1964, just in time to start High School. My desire was to establish roots. I am a Woodbridge Viking, a Virginia Tech Hokie, and a Virginian overall. Thanks to everybody that put their trust in us. It has been my, and our, honor to serve you. Policyholders will move with my daughter and Associate Agent, Alison Lytell, into the Mike Major Agency tomorrow. Good Bye, Be Safe, Take Care, Bill

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