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Fee Only, Hourly Rate or Flat Fee. Free estimates. Member Garrett Planning Network* Free Initial Consultation. The Financial Planning Process consists of the following six steps: 1. Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship. 2. Gathering client data, identify goals. 3. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status. 4. Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives. 5. Implementing the financial planning recommendations. 6. Monitoring the financial planning recommendations.

U.S. Stock Bear Markets and Their Subsequent Recoveries Should you be worried about bear markets? Probably not. Here's a historical perspective on how often they occur and what to do about them.

It Won't Go to Zero

How concerned should we be about stock market downturns? This video explains why we needn't be too worried if we're long-term investors.

Market Correction: What Does It Mean? What does a market correction mean, what’s likely to happen next and what can investors do now?

Warren Buffett recommends a simple exercise before you buy any stock: Write down your why Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett warns against buying a stock simply because you think it will increase in value. Instead, you should be able to write down the reasons you're interested without mentioning stock price.

The Young Person’s Guide to Investing Narrowing down all the options and figuring out where to turn can be paralyzing. We’ve got you covered.

Secure Act includes one critical tax change ‘that will send estate planners reeling’

Good News Bad News! The Secure Act includes some other important tax changes that have nothing to do with retirement.

Forget Stock Market Forecasts. They’re Less Than Worthless. Wall Street strategists are issuing predictions for 2020. Ignore them, our columnist says, and invest with cheap, diversified index funds.

Wait a Minute. How Can They Afford That When I Can’t? Those expensive vacations and costly college educations may not be as hard-earned as you thought.

The Stock-Buyback Swindle American corporations are spending trillions of dollars to repurchase their own stock. The practice is enriching CEOs—at the expense of everyone else.

Mellody Hobson of Ariel Investments: ‘Capitalism Needs to Work for Everyone’ As a child, she “was desperate to understand money.” Now, as one of the most senior black women in finance, she oversees billions.

Your Best Tips for Managing the Family Money We asked you for tips on how you handle the household finances. Here are your best replies.

SEC adopts rules requiring brokers to put customers’ interests above their own. Advocates say it won’t protect consumers. The SEC rule requires brokers to put their customers’ financial interest ahead of their own. But consumer advocates say it is not written strongly enough to prevent conflicts of interest.

How To Have 'The Talk' (About Money!) With Your Kids The earlier you start teaching your kids about money, the better -- for everyone.

How to Decide When the Time Is Right to Invest (Paid Post by Vanguard from Whether you’re a new investor or an experienced one, how do you pick the best time to invest? One day of bad headlines and the markets drop. The next, things are looking up.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Sign Up for Medicare Part B

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Sign Up for Medicare Part B Some people can delay, but many will end up paying financial penalties if they don’t enroll when they turn 65. Here’s an explanation of the confusing rules.

Perspective | How I learned to love a good downturn in the stock market The silver lining to the dark clouds of corrections: Think of it as a big sale on your favorite stocks.

Perspective | As stocks go wild, here’s what should you do if you’re retired "What if the market goes down another 30 percent? How are you going to feel? The key is for people to understand how much risk they can take and how much they can afford to lose."


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It’s worth noting that many wealthy people are born rich, and the fact that they started saving early is likely more the result of their backgrounds than it is a sign of any special abilities that would lead to wealth. (from 2016)

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Successful Investing

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Successful Investing Is it possible to create a solid, diversified investment portfolio with just three mutual funds? Yes, argues a new book from a 94-year-old author.

Perspective | What you don’t know about Social Security could cost you Knowing when to collect your benefits and understanding the system’s complex rules can be vexing.

Calling all teachers and parents looking to teach kids financial literacy! Check out our free program that simulates a real-world economy in the classroom: #MyClassroomEconomy

Where Retirees Underestimate Spending — The Wall Street Journal Underestimating how much you’ll spend can be costly, so it’s key to know the common pitfalls.

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

Do you have a will?

No will? This can help you get started.

New Tax Law: Here’s What You Should Know Key changes in the U.S. tax code overhaul.

[12/27/17]   Feliz Navidad!

Financial Times

Unlike their American counterparts, Japanese bankers feel shame for their failures

SEC shortens settlement cycle for securities trades U.S. securities regulators moved on Wednesday to modernize regulations that require stock and bond trades to settle within three business days, a step the industry has urged the government to take for years.

Why Small Business Owners Don’t Offer a 401(k) (But Why They Should) - Captain401 If small business owners knew the incredible tax benefits they could get from offering 401k retirement plans to their employees, they'd offer them immed...

4 retirement savings goals you should have in your 40s These are the savings power moves you should be striving to make once you've hit 40.

How to Save $1 Million In Your 401(k) | DailyWorth Want to put a million dollars into your 401(k)? Here's how to do it.

How To Realistically Become A Millionaire – Personal Finance Series by Richard Reis Personal Finance Series Pt. 6 of 52




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